Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two tickets to Paradise

First time back at the cottage :)
Even though it was a long cold winter, it seems like we never left.
Heinz is up to its old tricks again... 
Or they just like messing with me;( 
Put the batteries in the solar lights and left them on the deck to charge. 
I took the plastic off of the outside of the windows....thanks Wayne you did a great job last year putting it on.  My hands are now in a permanent knarled position from pulling 8000 staples our of the window frames. 

Wayne charged up the quad batteries.
Then I went for a short burn. 
I know, I don't have my helmet on.
Believe me I am a stickler for wearing protection on the machines. 
I knew we needed a new flag as it was ripped last year. But I didn't realize how faded it was.
Ladtly enjoyed a wonderful dinner Wayne made for us.  I am not big on eating red meat...but I do enjoy a T-bone steak every few years. 
Lastly we enjoyed our 1st sauna of the year. Even though the temperature reached 28c today, a sauna actually cools you off. 

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
I decorated some planner pages this evening.

Tracy :) 


  1. Looks lovely. Happy it's hot. We are cooling down again. BOO

  2. Sounds like an awesome day, Tracy!

  3. The lake look beautiful, bet it's cold though. Yummy looking steak. Funny how you feel like you have never been gone when you get back after a long cold winter. We feel the same too. This is the week we are at the cottage and I hope I have everything I need to make some cards.

  4. Yay!!!! So happy for you that you're at the cottage!!! I know how happy you must be :)

  5. Great photos! Love the one of the solar lights charging on the dock!
    We have to replace our solars this year. Water got inside and they were so rusty. Yuck!
    Think I might do plastic this year.

    I have to tell my DH to pace himself too. He is digging up the gravel at the back of our bunkhouse and replacing it with brick to match the rest of the pathways here. It is a lot of work for him and he should pace himself more due to his diabetes. But he is a hard worker and once he starts something does not like to leave it unfinished.
    I say better to be alive with something to finish, than 6 feet under! lol

  6. LOL Heinz! They mess me up too! Why do they do it, we all turn them lid down anyways! Must be so nice to be back at the cottage.

  7. This looks wonderful! It looks like you are having a great time at the cottage!

    I have no idea why Heinz does that! We only ever have ketchup, so I never really noticed before!

  8. Lol, so much snow and now 28C! Yay!


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