Sunday, October 26, 2014

Adventure with my Girls

I am having such a great time with my daughters on our adventure :)
Ashley's wedding dress came on, so we decided to make it a overnight trip. 
And here everyone was telling us we needed to order the dress a year before the wedding.  It does still need some altering as Ashley is pretty tiny...and the dress is a petite!!

Early morning as we left home a little after 6:00am.
This photo was after our scare. 
It was a very windy drive. 
It was pitch black out and a large tree had fallen across my side of the highway. 
We were coming over a bit of a hill so wasn't able to see it until the last minute. Luckily for us there wasn't any oncoming traffic and I was able to swerve in the other lane to avoid crashing into the tree. 
I have to say, that was a close one, and I took the jeep out of cruise control after that.

Yes, we had a few bumps along the way.
Kristy wanted breakfast from mcdonalds so Ashley said she would treat us all.
We decided to eat on our way
I needed to take my antibiotics with food so asked Kristy to get them out of my purse. 
She couldn't find the one I turned around and went back home to get them.
As I pulled up to my driveway I checked my purse, they were in there. 

First stop when we arrived was Hobby Lobby. 
Ashley wanted to pick up these heads for a Halloween project we are going to work on.
Here are the goodies I picked up :) 
We also made a stop to Michaels. 
Not sure if the girls were enabling me, or just trying to hurry me up, as Kristy and Heather kept putting things in my basket. 
Here are my goodies. 
I love these decorative vintage cameras. 
The girls were enjoying themselves :)
They like to walk around this store and see what trouble they can stir up ;) 
This time wedding prep was on their minds. 
Love the bouquet. 
Another bump in the road was that I made a hotel reservation to a hotel in Minneapolis......we are in Duluth!!
When I went to check in at the hotel that I thought I made the reservation at, it was booked, as well as all the other hotels in the area. 
Luckily we didn't have to sleep in the jeep, we found a room at an Inn across the bridge.
I was getting a bit hungry when we finally arrived at the hotel/inn, so decided to get some chips out of the vending machine. 
Seriously something out of a comedy show, lol. 
Never mind me trying to get a can of coke, only to find out it doesn't take dollar bills but only change. 
So I start to feed the machine my guessed it, I didn't have enough.
Not only that, there wasn't a change return button. So I ran back to the room to get some change from my girls before someone put in the .20c I needed for my cola fix. 
When I returned there was a kid at the machine telling his mom there is a free soda (as that is what the Americans call a pop here).
I don't think so kid, nothing in life is free I thought to myself as I feed my .20c into the machine. 

My girls sure love their frozen yogurt. 

 Heading home in the morning.
Even with a few minor bumps the girls and I had a wonderful time. 

Hope you all had a Creative Saturday :)



  1. Glad you all made it safely to your destination . What's a few bumps in the road as long as you all had fun

  2. Sounds like those bumps made for quite an adventure, Tracy! Have a safe drive home! :)

  3. Looks like fun after you made it safely! LOVE those heads :) I picked up one years ago. Great for spooking your space. Good haul too. I have my eye on the layered snowflake. Darn you Michaels for not carrying the new TH dies :(

  4. Sounds like quite the adventure. Glad you had fun. I'm going to have to make that trip as well, since I'm getting married Feb. 2016. Lot's of time still!!!???

  5. Omg glad you made it safely!
    Can't wait to see what you make with those heads! xo

  6. Wow that was one adventurous trip...But with all the small kind of dramas look like it was was a fun-filled trip....

  7. Lol, this one had my really laughing :) although I'm kind of creeped out by the Styrofoam heads ;)

  8. many "bumps"! Glad you were able to take it all in stride and have a great trip with your daughters!

  9. Awesome trip with your girls. great buys at Michaels. A few bumps make the adventure more fun.

  10. Trials and tribulations of going on a road trip - and glad that you were ok. I love those cameras!


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