Friday, October 17, 2014

All Packed Up.

All packed up and ready to go!!!!

I went out today to get my photos developed.
I always go to "Blacks Photography" to get my photos developed.
As I walked up and down the mall's halls, I finally realized they are no longer in business.
So I went to Walmart. I am not a Walmart shopper, but that is the only place I could think of that could develop my photos in an hour.
I was very surprised that as I had finished downloading them to the machine, that I was told that they were being printed already.
I only had to wait 15 minutes to get 65 photos printed and some of them were even 5x7…I have to say, I am very impressed.

After putting the photos into my kits, that I had made yesterday, I was worried I didn't have enough projects to do at the Crop & Create event.
So I went out again and printed off more photos.
I was chatting with my friend Sharon and told her that I don't think I have enough supplies.
I have never packed this light, and I am doing layouts this time.
Her advice to me.."If there is an empty pocket in any of your totes….fill them."
I had to laugh…especially since she is only bringing two totes (like the middle one I have in the photo) and this is her very first crop (besides the one I hosted).
I have to say, I took her advice ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Friday :)
Early wake up for me, so off to bed I go

Tracy :)


  1. WTG very impressed, I have never been to one so I wouldn't know what to pack. I pack way too much just to go to the cottage. Worked on some colouring today and I will finish 4 cards tomorrow.

  2. Enjoy your crop event! Have a fab weekend.

  3. OMG!! Is that all you are bringing!! I wish I can pack that light when I go to my crops. Have fun!!

  4. Have fun at your crop and get lots accomplished! No more Blacks? Sad! Walmart is not my favourite place either!

  5. Well, I can't wait to hear if the packing was enough or not!! Lol!

  6. Thanks for sharing your Walmart photo printing experience. I always went to Blacks as well and I was wondering how good Walmart would be.


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