Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crop & Create Photos

Wow, I have to say that I had a blast at the Crop & Create scrapbooking event!!!!!
It was a bit difficult to get all my scrapbooking friends together for a photo, as many of them were either taking classes, out getting coffee OR shopping at the awesome in house vender from Winnipeg, The Scrapbook Cottage.
Finally I said to the ladies, we need to take some photos now before my hair goes flat, lol.
This was our group photo from yesterday :)
I was a bit bummed as most of my photos were pretty blurry :(
I take all of my photos with my iPhone, so next year…I may bring my "Big Boy" camera :)

I realized I didn't take many photos of my ladies, so took a selfie with Lynne and Sharon ;)
These ladies are rarely serious, lol.

This "Wonder woman" photo needs a bit of explaining ;)
I always wear Wayne's sport watch.
The reason, it glows in the dark, so I can see what time Wayne wakes me up with his snoring, teehee.
But I bought my pretty watch when I went on my trip to Winnipeg and wanted to wear it.
Guess what I forgot to do this morning…take off Wayne's watch, so I had a watch on each wrist, lol.
I never said I wasn't weird ;)
The funniest thing was, my friend Lynne asked me for the time, and I was looking around for a clock on the wall, telling them I swear there was a clock there yesterday….took me a few seconds to realize that they were messing with me.
I also never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed ;)

Last night we got serenaded by a Quartet.
How can you tell we are a scrapbooking group…look at all the ladies taking photos of the singers ;)
Mind you, I guess I am worse as I am taking a photo of the ladies taking a photo, lol.

I had a little chuckle at the text my daughter Ashley sent me this afternoon :)

I am happy to say that I completed 10 scrapbooking layouts…a record for me.
I also bought every kit they had available (except one, Lynne nabbed the last one)….another record for me.
This week will be dedicated to the crop and my layouts.

I hope you all had a Creative Sunday.
Not only was my day creative, but The Walking Dead is on….how can my day be any better.

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Love your pictures

  2. Envious of the fab time you had, Tracy and can't wait to see your layouts!

  3. 10 layouts! That is awesome work! WTG! :D

  4. Love your pics!!! You have a great group there :) Awesome meeting you, shorty LOL. Way to go on completing 10 layouts!! I coloured one image, but I finished my tags. I was soooo tired at work today, I should have taken the day off!!!!

  5. What great photos and experiences. LOL on the watches, it is one thing I never wear. Well very rarely anyways! :-)

  6. Oh fun! I could use a few days devoted to scrapping right about now. Sounds like you were very productive! :)

  7. What a nice bunch of pictures, I giggled at you takin a picture of the people taking a picture , Awesome getting 10 layouts done and visiting as well.

  8. Such great pictures!! Love the sweet text from Ashley :)

  9. Looks like fun - and it sounds like you are bringing more fun home with you.


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