Friday, October 24, 2014

Crop & Create..Make & Takes.

I'm still reliving the Crop & Create event.
I told you it would be a week long post ;)
Here are the projects that we made for the "Make and Takes" at this event.
Always great projects.

I nabbed Catherine for a photo.
She is the one who runs the whole shebang.
She is so friendly and such a nice lady.
As I was saying good-bye on the last day, She said to me "What, I don't get a hug"
She must know I love me a good hug :)

I also wanted a photo of all the teachers.
So nice that they all agreed :)
We have Nicole Harper on the far left.
Vicki Boutin next to me…not only is this lady hilarious, but also a Walking Dead fan as well ;)
Me in the center ;)
Angie Blom beside me…she was the best at making sure I had all the kits….as she knew I wanted them all ;)
Last but certainly not least is the lady that puts this all together, Catherine Tachdjian
I missed Virginia Nebel :(   She may have been teaching a class.

Tomorrow I am on yet another adventure…I'm like a female version of Tom Sawyer…a much older Tom Sawyerer.

I hope you all had a very Creative Friday.
Next week, will be all about scrapbooking :)

Tracy :)


  1. Fun cards, Tracy, and cute pictures! Enjoy your adventure and can't wait to see your layouts! :)

  2. The make and takes were awesome, love rudolph!! Great pics with you and the team too :)

  3. Great cards, and sweet pictures of all the teachers, sound like a fun weekend

  4. I like those cards you made and so glad you had fun! plus those pom poms in the background of the pics are so fabulous!

  5. Such fun make and takes!! Love that you got pictures with all of the event put-er on-ers :)

  6. Cards look great, you look like you really enjoyed the C&C.

  7. Wonderful cards and so glad that you had a fabulous time.


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