Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit One

I love to keep track of my daily steps.
You can read about my addiction to pedometers HERE
These things really helped when I was first diagnosed with heart disease.
It helped me be accountable for being active and helped me get my heart stronger.
It helped because I would record my steps daily and wouldn't go to bed until I hit the goal I set for myself.
Yes…I am a bit obsessive ;)

I had shared with you all before that I purchased the "Fitbit" flex to help me keep track of my steps I take on a daily basis.
I also stated that because it is worn on the wrist, that I wish it had a watch feature to it.

I was always wondered how accurate it is though.
Like my other "steppers" I would check their accuracy by walking around the house, counting the steps in my head, and then comparing them with what the stepper showed.
It was harder to do this with the Fit Bit flex, because you needed to check it on you computer or phone (which doesn't always seem to work on my phone).
When I did my marathon last month I was upset because it stated that I walked 10 miles….where the marathon was 13.1 miles.
That is a 3 miles difference…I was not happy that it wasn't accurate.

So today I decided to do an experiment.
Kristy has the Fitbit One.
It is has the same features as the Fitbit Flex, but it is clipped onto your pants and it also has a time feature.
On my Flex it showed that I walked 11,111 steps where on the One, it showed I walked 12,644 steps.
That is a difference of 1,533 steps!!!
Some may not think that is a big deal..but to me it is.

Just thought I would share as many of you have asked to see my opinion on this product.
I think I should have bought the Fitbit One as I am used to wearing the pedometers anyway.

I didn't do much today.
Did a bit of cleaning, nothing too exciting ;)

Hope you all had a Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That's a lot of difference in steps but at least it is more. It is nice to have your in-put on them. I never had any faith in any pedometer I used, of course it might be me not using it properly. I did 1 1/2 cards yesterday.

  2. Mmm, is there some way you could sell yours and buy a fit bit one?

  3. all of these products are good and they give an estimation of the steps. it is hard to make a "one size fits all" piece when everyone has a different stride etc. my version and my husbands also show different accounts but that is fine with me. i go with my results becuase i have had it for over a year so i am used to it. there was a big article and news show about all these devices and you have to take them with a grain of salt. they do their best but they are not totally accurate. the only way to be completely accurate is to count them yourself. LOL!

  4. Well, I have no clue? I would sure like one when I'm hiking around Yellowstone! Or fighting my way through Vegas.

  5. That is pretty interesting.
    I have thought off and on about getting some type of pedometer to keep track. Although I have an app on my phone that would probably do the trick, too.
    But you do have to wonder about accuracy!

  6. A friend has the one that goes on the wrist and he says that it is not very accurate - hes a triathloner (LOL!) anyways, he says that it is because you have to move your wrist/arm too. He found if he was running with the stroller, it hardly registered at all. He now uses it just to monitor his sleep patterns and uses one that attaches to his pants too :-) TFS

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