Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghosts Anyone……a tutorial

I know, I know, I said I would share some of my layouts with you today.
But seriously…my girls and I made some cool Halloween crafts tonight and I wanted to share them…you still have time to put one or two together for your Halloween decor :)

Imagine how cool these would look hanging out in the wind!!!
Ashley has a large beautiful tree in her front yard that she is going to hang them from, so she made 3.
Ashely saw these on Pinterest.

You will need some styrofoam heads.
She bought 2 females and 1 male head.
Cheese cloth.
White glue. Ashley said they suggested Mod Podge, but I don't like it. I remember using it many, many years ago and my finished projects stayed a bit tacky. It may be different now, but I'm not going to risk it.
Paint brushes or foam brushes to spread the cheese cloth.
And some type of way to hang your finished project.

Step 1:
Mix your white glue with a bit of water….just enough to make it easy to spread.
I used tacky glue as I know it dries perfectly.

Step 2:
Spread the glue onto the foam head.
We didn't go any further then the jaw line.
But after making a couple of our ghosts, we liked it better when we didn't add glue to the back of the head.

Step 3:
We cut the cheese cloth in 3 even lengths.
We used 2 packages per ghost, so that is 6 layers.
After each layer of cheesecloth, I would add more glue/water mixture and then the next layer of cheesecloth.

Step 4:
In between each layer of cheesecloth, I pushed the brush in the creases to make them stand out and see the features of the face.

Step 5:
Make a hook of some sort to hang your ghost.
I used paper clips.
I bent and then cut the paper clip to make a hook.
I made it into a hook, so it would (hopefully) stay attached even with some wind.
I then added some glue to the hook before pushing it into the top of the ghost's heads.

I loved how these turned out, so I wanted to make some for myself.
Ashley and I ran to the dollar store to see if I could find some foam heads for my own ghosts.
Turns out, they had some, but more creepy….but thats okay, I like creepy ;)
Heather popped the eyes out of this one for me.

Kristy painted this one for me as it was black with red brains…How I wish I could have found black cheesecloth, how cool would that have looked!!!!
I know I could have dyed it, but I wanted it done and I wanted it done now ;)

Here is my ghost after following those same 5 steps.
I love how this one turned it…it looks like a zombie ghost, teehee.
If you have ever watched Return of the Living Dead, this reminds me of the zombie lady on the table that keeps yelling "brains, brains, brains"

Here she is all ready to spook the little children and adults (as all of my friends are big scardy cats) when they come Trick or Treating :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Super job on the ghosts, great instructions on how you made them too. TY. still issues with opening things, I wanted to print Michael's coupons and realized I couldn't. darn. I will have to use the old PC to print.

  2. Love a cheap and easy project and they look great, Tracy!

  3. Awesome heads! I always prefer creepy! Love the first ghost though. Those are cool.

  4. Oh man, those are way creepy! Love it!!

  5. Ooooo...those are the coolest! I was wondering how those mannequin heads were going to be used!

  6. These ghosts are awesome!! Really love the first one, it reminds of the corpse bride, some grey paints would be nice or tea die to add an aged look!!!

  7. Those are awesome and will look really spooky outside in the dark!

  8. These are super cool and I bet they looked fab hung up outside! TFS


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