Monday, October 6, 2014

Healthy Eating Goals

How cute is my daughter Kristy, teehee.
Now doesn't this giant cookie look delish….It was, she gave me a teeny tiny piece ;)

I have been telling myself and my family that I need to eat more healthy.
I have been, to a certain extent, like I limit myself to a can of Coke on the weekends.
This I am happy with.
I do notice I feel bloated when I do drink one…or two during those days.

But I can do so much better.
Actually I think I ate healthier BEFORE I said I needed to eat healthier.
Now isn't that an odd one.

As most of you know, I really don't care to cook…I have dreams that one day I will love it…but that hasn't happened yet ;)
I cook because I have a family.
If it was just me, I would be happy with a can of soup or a sandwich.
I am not a big eater…but what I eat is the problem.

We all know that in the Summer months there are BBQ's, Smore's on the fire, munchies on the weekends and fast food for our busy lives.
And believe me, we have done it all :)
But now that Winter is on its way and I will be hibernating, maybe I will accomplish my goal of eating healthier.

Onto My Day:
After I drove Kristy to work, Heather and I went over to Ashley's house.
She invited us for dinner and then we were all going to go for a walk.
It was pretty chilly out, I brought two layers of coats and a pair of gloves.
As it turned out, we didn't go for our walk, but went shopping instead, lol.
I did my walk on the treadmill this morning, so I was fine with it ;)

I hope you all had a Creative and Healthy Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I'm with you on the not enjoying cooking, Tracy! :) As far as my bad eating habits, I don't eat too badly, just too much. Trying to change that... Always something! :)

  2. I like to cook and try new recipes. I am on a mission right now to lose 10 pounds to help my knee. I'm not big on sweets but that cookie looks really yummy. My creativity was shopping at Winners I bought two dies, a candy corn one, and a camera one along with Halloween paper (I needed that) B&W paper, Miniz pre-inked stamps, some 3D zots and super cute fancy buttons. gingerbread men, trees, butterflies and more. I need to create now lol.

  3. Ack...I just wrote a novel and wasn't signed into google and my comment disappeared. I basically agree with you and do not enjoy cooking myself. I don't really like anything to do with cooking....the planning, the grocery shopping, the cooking and cleaning...ugh. I don't plan meals which really makes my life a lot harder when it comes to feeding my family. I've got too many other things I"d rather be doing.....but I've got to start making changes and doing better. One small victory is that I'm on day 7 with no Diet Coke! Yay and Boo at the same time. I love my DC and didn't want to give it up, but it's so I'm trying! Good luck to you and I guess to both of us with trying to be healthier!

    P.S. That cookie looks delicious!! ;)

  4. mmm that cookie looks awesome!
    hey you walked around while shopping! hehehehe

  5. Trying to eat healthy is an ongoing project. LOL! :) Evie

  6. I sometimes want to eat more healthy but I really dislike cooking. Occasionally the mood strikes if I am craving a particular thing but generally I'm more about convenience. Now that my daughter is a teen we do get more lazy and have nights where everyone fends for themselves. My husband cooks a couple nights a week but eh. I just can't love it. People have this misconception that all vegetarians are so healthy but that is a stereotype I am proof that isn't always true. My extra 50 lbs I've put on the last 15 years is proof enough. LOL I just like to eat what I want, when I want it. That would work great if I exercised....LOL

  7. That is one great cookie.
    I am glad my girls are not watching her eat it. They would want one ;)

  8. Sounds like you're doing great! As you know I LOVE to cook. Cooking for me is like crafting. I look at my pantry like I look at my craft supplies. I love getting creative and see what happens. Good for you cutting out Coke. That's a good healthy choice.

  9. That cookie looks delicious! Shopping is sort of like walking, right?

  10. Oh my I nearly went into sugar shock at just the sight of that cookie.

  11. Your daughter is so pretty! And lol, the cookie looks yum :)
    I know! I have been (trying and failing) at eating healthier. My weight is right on target in accordance with my height, but I feel like I eat wayyy too much sugar. :)

  12. That cookie looks delicious! I am much the same, I cook because I must, else the family would starve LOL!


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