Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Day in Photos

My day in photos.

But first I want to share with you my new hair colour :)
I really didn't like the way my hair dresser did my hair the last time.
I wanted some highlights, which she did, but they were too light and I thought I looked like a skunk, as my hair is really dark. She should have gave me copper highlights as she did last year.
Well anyway, I thought it was time to fix that. So I bought a dark brown hair colour and got Kristy to colour it for me….Thank you Kristy :)

I received these beautiful flowers from Ashley on Thanksgiving.
I was surprised and so thankful that she thought of me :)
I love these flowers and the colour is so vibrant.

Kristy and I wanted to do a bit of shopping today.
After Heather came home from work this afternoon, we went.
I like this display they had at the mall.
We didn't get to shop for too long as Kristy had to go to work.

This is where Kristy works :)
This is the first one in our city.
It is such a cute store.

Heather wanted to go in and get some frozen yogurt, so of course I needed to get some as well.
But I just got a little bit and a little bit of toppings ;)

One of the reasons why I had only got a little bit of Menchies frozen yogurt is because I knew I had the last piece of blueberry cheesecake hidden in the fridge from Thanksgiving, teehee.

I am not very good at taking selfies, but I like this one…not because I am in the photo, but because I love this case Kristy lent me for my phone.
Wayne and I made this for Kristy for part of her Christmas gift last Christmas.
If you didn't know, its from a scene from Season 1 of the Walking Dead ;)

If you are wondering, I didn't do any packing for the crop that is happening this weekend.
But I made a list of supplies I should take with me….that's a start ;)
Once a procrastinator…always a procrastinator ;)

Hope you all had a Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I have started packing but may need to sale back a bit -
    I seem to pick a bit more each time & this is two day so
    I guess I double me needs - in case I need it! Lol

  2. How did I know that was a Walking Dead case. Great photos. Flowers are a beautiful colour and so is your hair. Brunettes are sexy!

  3. Such pretty flowers and it's so sweet she thought to get them for you! Your hair looks great and love the phone case! What did you think of the season premiere? :)

  4. I love your hair!! And your flowers are beautiful :) looks like a fun day. Are you leaving Friday? I'm sure you'll pack Friday morning. Lol

  5. Your hair looks great!!! I started coloring my own a couple of years ago. It is so much less expensive and more convenient.

  6. All your pictures are great,, never heard of that Yogurt chain. I need some highlights but mine are usually subtle and I like them. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator, sigh.

  7. Love the new hair colour and hope you have a fabulous weekend - that's when you have decided what to take with you LOL!

  8. You look great! And I love Menchie's. We have one near our house and of all the froyo places around us, it's the BEST one and I even drive a little further to get there past the others.

  9. I should be able to recognize you this weekend, the flowers are beautiful by the way. I have not packed yet either, trying to decide what projects I want to work on :)

  10. You look great. I always take my own color to the hairdresser and let her apply it. The over-the-counter stuff is less harsh, It think. This way also prevents my towels at home from getting a color job as well. There is something about fresh color that makes me happy too.


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