Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clean Desk…and room :) WOYWW

Today I spent a lot of my time in my craft room.
Unfortunately I wasn't creating.
I was cleaning, and boy did it need it.
But honestly, I love cleaning and organizing my supplies.
Sometimes I think I make a huge mess, just so I can clean it up and organize it again.
Maybe that is why my house is a mess, lol.

 I had mentioned yesterday, that I have trouble getting rid of the most useless stuff.
Just take a look at the packaging.
I have no idea how long I have held onto this because the shape is so fun :)
I kept telling myself that I can make something of this.
And I still believe I can…..but after a couple of years of holding onto it, I threw it out.
Hmmmm, do you think I should fish it out of the recycles?

Because I worked so hard on tidying up my room, I thought I will share my post on the Stamping Ground's "What's on your Workdesk, Wednesday"
So many great creative work areas on her blog today :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Look at your fun work space! I spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing too in mine :)

  2. Love your space! It Is a crazy cycle, the messing it up to cleaning it up!

  3. That pink is just gorgeous! Love it. Your space makes me green with envy.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #22

  4. Love your space, would you like to take a road trip and help me with mine? If I ever get mine organized I will proudly show a picture.

  5. Looks fabulous and ready for more creating! :) That packaging would be fun for filling with a Valentine's Day treat. Just sayin'. ;)

  6. Wow, your room is looking fabulous!!!!! I'm so proud of you for getting rid of that packaging ;)

  7. Your room looks fantastic!!! What a great way to start off the new year.

  8. What a bright and cheerful room - love it! I have to go through everything, especially in my craft room, because we are moving in 6 months. AND we're only allowed half of our usual shipping allowance. Can you spell stress??? It's like deciding which child to bring with you!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #33

  9. Your room is so bright and cheery!! What a fun place to create!! I also save everything, thinking I'll use it one day. I just went through a bunch of plastic like yours and decided to finally part with it :) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. I say purge if you haven't used it and it has been hanging around for a couple of years!

  11. Are you crafting, it's super too clean! LOL!

  12. Your place is veeeeery clean! Hard to believe you are crafting in there :-) that piece of "rubbish" sure looks promising, I would have kept it too! Lol!
    Gabriele 29

  13. Thanks for visiting ! I am just the same - cling on to things thinking that I will use the ONE DAY ! But I have to be in the mood for a ruthless throwing out session - have been trying hard this week ! Enjoy making your next mess ! happy new Year Ali #21

  14. I am envious of your clean craft space. I guess, the truth is that my space would be just as welcoming if I would just learn to put stuff back after I use it. :/ I really like your space. :D

  15. Great workspace... I can understand keeping stuff because it looks useful but we often run out of time to do anything with it!!
    sandra de @14

  16. Love your room! Would love to create in there!
    (Not that I want you to pick out the packaging again, but I would use this as a grungie stamp for paint in my craft journal ;-) )

  17. I would have kept that too, and I would have thrown it out years later as well. LOL Love that wall color in your space!

  18. So tidy and throwing that plastic packaging was a great first baby step :-)

  19. Looks great, Tracy! I love organizing, not so much cleaning though. :)

  20. I love how bright and cheery your room is!! I wish my scrapping space was as neat and tidy, do you want to come do mine?

  21. Just take your time cleaning up the place, Tracy. While there may be a bit of a drag that this takes you away from making stuff, a neat and tidy place is always conducive to productivity, as it allows you to have better access to different things in the room, and with more space to maneuver from. All the best!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip


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