Saturday, January 24, 2015

Purging more paper

I am sure I am not the only one who goes into their craft room to get something and gets lost in there for a few hours, lol.
I went looking for some velum-type butterflies and hearts that I couldn't find last night.
So I had a mission to go and find them today.
I went into my room and searched and searched and still couldn't find them.

So I decided to go through a few of my drawers and make space for other supplies, in hopes those butterflies would jump out at me.
I emptied my Old paper drawers…now when I say old, I mean 15+ year old papers.
I had defunkified these papers in the past and donated the ones I thought I would never use.
Looks like I should have just donated the whole lot, lol.

As I was trying to find homes for other supplies…I finally just got frustrated, cleaned off my desk and went upstairs to check my email.
I was happy to see that Lisa left me a comment to check out Paper Issues.
I was happy to see that I was one of the Fan Feature Friday, on my Fauxbonichi pages I posted on their challenge blog :)
Thank you Lisa for suggesting I link up my project to their site :)

Oh and if you are wondering, Mission Failed, I didn't find those darn butterflies ;(

Hope you all had a very Creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I have a ton of old paper that I need to clean out and donate, too. Congrats on the Fan Feature!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I hate it when you know there is something there in your stash and can't find it. So frustrating!!

  3. That's great you were featured yesterday :) I checked out the blog too and entered my card as well!! Will have to check out their store. Good luck finding your butterflies!!

  4. You could always send those papers to me....haha.
    Congratz by the way!! That's amazing.

  5. Bummer about the paper, but yay for being featured over at Paper Issues!

  6. Paper you say!!! I have so much paper here that I know I will never get through or use. Right now my craft room looks like a disaster .LOL

  7. I have so much paper and still buy paper pads, I can't go to Winners without looking at them. I use them the most. I have a whole 12 X 12 pack of kitchen papers for when I did recipe card swaps, glad some are just generic. congrats on the Fan Feature on the challenge.

  8. So that's awesome! Love that you were featured over at Paper Issues!! That's a bummer you couldn't find your butterflies :( My room is in need of a BIG cleaning. I'm in the process of a 14 week deep clean of the house and the craft room isn't until the first week of March, so it's going to have to wait a few more weeks :)

  9. I always get lost and I too have paper that is over 10yrs old, I always think I'm going to use it

    Congrats on being featured!

  10. I thought I was the only one with 15+ year old scrapbook paper.

  11. Wow - loads of papers! I have made a rule, and so far stuck to it when I go shopping, as tempting as it is "I do not need more paper, do not buy more paper" LOL! It's a new mantra when I go in Michaels :-)

  12. i CAN RELATE!!! LOL You probably knew that. LOL


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