Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fauxbonichi: New month New Year :)

Remember my "Fauxbonichi" from the other day?
I am finished with that journal and started my new one.
I have seen so many using this grid journal made by Miquelrius from Barns and Noble.
I picked 2 up on our last trip.

Well today being the first of the month, I got to work on mine.
Believe me when I tell you how much I was over thinking this, lol.
This book has 300 pages (yes I counted them), so that means 600 sides.
But I like to washi tape 2 pages together, so that equals 150 pages, or 300 sides.
Which also means not enough for the full year…plus my monthly calendar pages.
I really don't need a calendar page…but I want one, teehee.
So after hours of over-thinking and whining to my friends, I think I may have figured it out :)
I am going to adhere my pages together with the washi tape, but for some months I will put pattern paper on one side (as I don't really care for bleed through and don't like to worry about which markers I can use) I will also add washi tape to the edges of those pages so they all look cohesive from the edge.

Now that wasn't my only problem…
I had to figure out the spacing for the blocks, as this is a different size than my Moleskine journal.
After I was happy with the spacing of the blocks and added my (overpriced) week day stickers, I grabbed a calendar to get the numbers on the blocks correctly.
Well look at this….Yup, I got distracted and just started add the Heidi Swapp rub-on numbers.
Now these suckers are here to stay.
I tried to scrape them off with the tip of my scissors…nope they are stuck good.
But how to fix them?

There is a blank page in the front of this book.
I added some personal information, so if anyone finds this in 200 years they will know who's journal this was ;)
On the back side of that page I added some pattern paper and this quote I printed up.
I love this statement.
It had 2014 for the year, but I just covered it up and used my label maker to write out this year :)

Now lets take a closer look at these over-priced stickers I purchased at Typo.
I think they do work perfectly for this space though ;)

I just used my stamps for the Date at the top.
See how I corrected my rub-on error.
I used another set of rub-ons and adhered them to some snowflakes on some pattern paper.
I then punched out the snowflakes with my Martha Stewart snowflake corner punch.
I really like how they look :)
A mistake isn't always a mistake, it is just a way to be more creative ;)

I have done a bit more stamping on my days, but I will share that on a video come month end.
I will also add my goals to the left of the page :)

Are you keeping a journal this year?
I have really enjoyed writing in my Fauxbonichi these last 2 months.

I hope you all had a very Creative 1st day of the year :)
I did, I have all my supplies scattered around me and on the couch to prove it, teehee.

Tracy :)


  1. Oh WOW! I'm the first to comment?! Yippy Skippy! I love what you have done on the grid paper. I really like your rub on fix...with the snowflake punches and renumbering. are really creative. I love your washi tape and stuff at the top with January.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Hugs to you - Leslie

  2. Your book is so pretty! Mine isn't going to be pretty because I just want to be able to get what I did that day down on my book.

  3. Looks great, Tracy, and creative fix to the misplaced numbers!

  4. Your book looks so awesome!! Have fun filling in the pages :) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Your book looks fabulous:D

    Happy New Year:D


  6. Pretty cool Tracy!! It's crazy sometimes what we'll pay for something just because we have to have it. I have a journal, but it's already printed and numbered - the Scrapbook and Cards Today one :)

  7. P.S. - I love that quote too, it's perfect!

  8. You are off to a great start. Looks good. I printed out that same quote to use somewhere. LOL

  9. Well you are making fine progress - looks fun. I'm still looking for my little number stamps to stamp my planner. Have to get that done today, because I actually have plans for next week!

  10. I think that was a great solution for the rub on letters!! I always worry when I'm filling in my calendar pages like that, that I'll write the date down wrong or something :) I love the idea of including your goals on the left ide there!! It looks awesome!


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