Friday, January 2, 2015

Fauxbonichi pages

On yesterday's post, I shared with you my "Month Page" for my "Fauxbonichi Journal".
Today I will share my daily pages :)
I attached 2 pages together at the edges with washi tape.
I don't like marker bleed through, so this was my way of fixing this.
I then added a header.
On my header I wanted to add the day, the week and the month.
I was also hoping to add the weather and how many steps I take in a day.
I was worried I wouldn't have room to do that in this new Miquelrius journal, as it is much smaller than the Moleskine grid notebook I was using last year.
But I just put the week and month in the same block, and it all fit!!!

The dates are done with some stamp sets that I have.
I then added some washi tape to the top and bottom to decorate it up, because you can never have too much washi on a page, right ;)
The large blocked areas are going to be used for drawing, stamping, colouring, photos or just to add a piece of memorabilia that I pick up here and there.
The bottom long block will be used for something I am grateful for.
I have been adding something I am Grateful for, to my journals for many many years (like 10+). I used to add 3 things that I was grateful for, but now I am just documenting one. Not that I can't think of 3 things though :)

These pages are all filled in now, but it is my journal, so I won't be sharing my writings.
Most of my days are pretty boring, but I still want to keep them to myself.
I will do a month end video showing my pages, but it will be for showing what I have done or put in the art/decorative blocks.
If you want to see how my last journal looked all filled in, I shared that on my "Fauxbonichi Journal" post.

Are you keeping a journal/diary this year?
Do you or did you ever keep a diary/journal?
I would love to know :)

Hope you all had a very Creative Friday :)
I keep thinking it is Sunday today, I know my Honey is happy it's not, lol

Tracy :)


  1. Glad your format worked in your new, smaller journal, Tracy, love all the washi tape! I'm still trying to find something big enough to keep my art journal pages in and I think I'll have the facing page be writing about what the page means to me and my process of creating it. :)

  2. Love the layout!! Do glad you were able to get everything fit in there you wanted to. Do you use a ruler and pen to draw those lines?

  3. I'm loving your approach to this. The washi adds a nice touch of whimsy and is such a great idea for attaching the pages together.

  4. I love this idea you have shared. It is so difficult to find a calendar/planner to be specific for my needs. Your idea for using the grid paper to work for you is one I think I need to consider for myself.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. Love your layout, it looks like it will really work. I don't journal, and have never done it, so very hard to start at my age. The most I do is log my foods into a program called my fitness pal and it has calorie counts and will log carbs, sugar, fat, protein, sodium perhaps one more and you can log exercise in too.. There are 4 or 5 of us that keep track of each other and give some tips etc. to each other.

  6. I started my faux-bo and based the layout on yours. No fixed art block but i do have the THANKFUL space & washi. Using the book to help cope while we fight my husband's cancer. 2 months & going strong!


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