Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting ready for a crop.

I was wanting to put on another crop before Christmas.
But with everyone so busy before the holidays that didn't happen.  
So I figured I would put one on after the holidays were over. 
Tomorrow is the day!!!
I am hosting a 12 hour crop and can't wait to create with my friends. 

So I am off to the land of sleep as my friends are coming at 9:00am. And you all know I'm not an early riser....unless it's for a trip or a crop :)

I tried to post a video that I made from my phone of Luna eating from her new bag of cat food, that she tore open. But it won't let me post it. I just wanted to see if it would didn't. 
Even though her dish was full. She likes to tear into a new bag lol.
I hope you all had a very creative Friday :)

Tracy :) 


  1. Happy crop day to you all.
    Hugs, Pea

  2. Hope you have a great day cropping with your friends!!

  3. You are going to have SO much fun!!! Luna is too funny, don't you just love having a pet :)

  4. LOL - Luna eating from the bag!! Have a wonderful time cropping with your friends!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Didn't you know the fresher the better? Oh how I wish someone to have a crop around here, well I need a bunch that craft don't I.


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