Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Colour Cart..Raskog Cart.

I have discovered a few new Facebook Pages…wow there is a page for everything :)
Two of the new ones were dedicated to our Raskog carts.
I was looking at photos the other members were sharing, I commented on a few.
I was then asked to share mine.
I thought ..oh what the heck, this one is still nicely organized ;)

I call this cart my colour cart.
I keep most of my colouring supplies in here.
In the first tray, I keep my Copic markers, coloured pencils with my Gamsol and blending stumps in the back.

In my second tray I keep my art journal colouring supplies.
I put an insert made for these carts in this tray.
You will see my Gelatos, Big Brush Pitt markers.
I also keep my embossing paste, glues and gesso in here.
In the back containers are my thinner tipped Pitt pens and my paint brushes and other tools.

On my bottom tray I have my Sharpie and Bic markers, my distress markers on the other side and in the very back, my sprays.
Oh yes and my foam brushes.

I keep my Stampin' Up markers in this pink tote. I added some "S" hooks to the cart and hooked them to the loops on the tote :)
I also have this wire tray that I hook on the bottom tray and store my tissue paper in it.

I just love these types of carts.
They are easy to move around and so easy to fill up ;)
That is my Colour Cart with my some of my creative supplies.
Doesn't it just make you want to play :)

I do have another cart dedicated to my journals and supplies….but that one isn't as organized, teehee.
Once I get to that one, I will share it.
I love to see how everyone is using these types of carts, so I thought I would share mine with you.

There are many brands of this type of cart, I just happen to have picked up a couple of these ones from Ikea on a couple of our trips.
Do you have one of these or any other brand of these types of carts.
If you do, what do you keep in yours?

Tracy :)


  1. Awesome! I have a similar white cart from Cost Plus World Market. I am never really sure what to use it for specifically so it's a hodge podge and I keep meaning to organize it in a more meaningful way.

  2. Just the one and I do love it. It holds my bag with all card related things.
    I actually updated my blog today but not on this subject.
    Hugs, Pea

  3. Yours looks lovely :) I don't have one, I have no idea what I would store in it at this point. I might have to think on it though :)

  4. I have a three basket card that need reorganizing. so no pictures here. I thought markers are supposed to be kept horizontal. Nice organizing on your cart.

  5. What an awesome cart!! I have one that I keep all of my coloring supplies, inks and paints, but it's not as pretty as yours!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Love how you have organized yours, can't wait to see your second one. I don't own one yet as I don't own a craft room. who knows, one day...

  7. Love this,and I like how you have organized:)


  8. Fabulous use of the cart - so organised with everything in it's place.

  9. Love your dedicate color cart, Tracy!


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