Friday, January 30, 2015

On-line shopping…yes I did it again

I did another on-line order…shocking I know :)
I had asked Andrea (from Unity Stamps) if there was a way my order to be at my US shipping address by the date that Wayne and I crossed the boarder.
The reason being, it costs $19.99 to ship to Canada, and only $ .42 to ship to the US :)
She assured me that it would be there by the time we headed back home.
I was supper excited to see that my stamp order was there here :)

I am loving these AngieGIRLS from Angie Blom :)

Oh here is some more ;)
I love the centre stamp as it reminds me of my scrappy friends and I.
We have plenty of photos of us with a Polaroid cut out as a prop.

I had only order the Back Girl, but this Have a little faith stamp was in my order.
I didn't pay for it and it wasn't on my packing slip.
So I contacted Andrea, but she is off until Monday, so I will see if I have to send it back.

I am so excited to colour these images up, or use them in my art journals….It play time Caroline ;)

When Wayne and I were shopping yesterday, we stopped off at Barnes & Noble.
I picked up another graph book for another Fauxbonichi. I just want to be prepared, teehee.
Wayne told me I needed the Travelling Journal ;)
I picked up these small Moleskine note books for something I am working on…I will share when I get it complete ;)
And Wayne picked up this hardbound notebook.
He also picked up this Moleskine pen. I was teasing him about it….that was until he allowed me to try it out.
Wow, it writes really smooth. I thought the shape would be uncomfortable, as it is in the shape of a carpenters pencil. But it seemed fine. Not sure how it would be for a lot of writing though.

Wayne and I went to Grand Marais for lunch at "My Sister's Place". Best burgers and sweet potato fries.
I got very upset in one of the stores we were at, so we headed back to the Bluefin.
For a town that thrives on tourism (most of the stores were closed for the winter) they really need to change some of their policies.
Like having public washrooms in their stores…especially a dept store!
I will leave it at that.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)
I did, I drew a bit in my journal…but didn't bring my colouring mediums, so I will have to colour it up when I get home :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh wow!!!! I can imagine all those girls in your Faubonichi!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  2. I think you must be ill with another on line order. But, I sure understand why! Awesome images for you to create with! I hope you and Wayne are enjoying your trip away. Many congrats!

  3. OMG!! I am loving those little stamps . I will have to check them out

  4. Hope you enjoy your stamps. Great that you could pick them up and save all that shipping. If I didn't order online, I wouldn't have much of anything to work with. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  5. Have fun with your new stamps, Tracy!

  6. Those look like some fun stamps! Looking forward to seeing what you create with them :)

  7. Those stamps look so fun!! Have a great time playing with them!! I can't wait to see how you used them!! Safe travels!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Lovely stamps. How sad that on the postage difference though 42c and $20 wow! Hope the trip is going well, apart from the one incident :-(

  9. Can't wait to see you put those stamps to use!! Love the new little books too, even Wayne's 😊

  10. Great stuff, glad your are enjoying your anniversary weekend.

  11. Can't wait to see these new girls in your journals!


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