Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My New Tea Kettle

Is it odd to be so excited for a tea kettle?
No…...well what if I told you I don't even drink tea.
Well, maybe 3 cups a year ;)
But isn't it such a pretty colour and so sleek.

This is my old tea kettle.
When Wayne and I got married, my SIL, Janice bought me a cute pitcher with little tiny strawberries on it.
When others saw it, everyone figured I collected strawberries.
I have a lot of strawberry themed items in my kitchen, lol.
As cute as this kettle is, it is a pain to clean the lid….see where the stem is…yup, not fun to clean.
One thing I am trying to do this year, is to get rid of, or replace things in my home that I don't like, that are hard to clean or take care of…well except for my family ;)
I keep this on my stove top, so my new one is so much easier to clean.
I was going to donate the strawberry kettle, but Wayne suggested I use it as a planter at camp…then said "Now I'm thinking like Tracy", lol.

I got to colour a bit today.
My friend Debbie came over and stamped some of my images and we coloured….such a great night.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love my tea kettle! Yours is pretty cool, too! I actually have 2! One for the stove and an electric one. Lots of tea gets drunk in this house! Glad you got some coloring in!

  2. Love your tea kettle! Love the color

  3. Pretty kettle, Tracy! We've been purging and donating and a tea kettle was one thing that went. We've never used it, though we do drink tea. :)

  4. What a pretty tea kettle. I have an electric one that I have never used as my coffee maker has a hot water reservoir and the water cooler also has hot water. the cooler goes to the lake for the summer. Looking forward to seeing your projects when they are finished,

  5. Oohh, I love your sleek new tea kettle!! I don't drink tea either but I still want one!! Love it!! The strawberry one is too cute but I totally understand about it being hard to clean!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. The tea kettle is adorable, but I totally get the cleaning thing! Love your new one! The same thing happened with me when we got married only it was apples instead of strawberries. Good grief. Lol

  7. That strawberry kettle is so adorable! I don't drink a lot of tea except in winter I like herbal tea. I love the look and feel of a traditional kettle but prefer my boring stainless electric one. It boils water in seconds. LOL

  8. Love the new one and yep, definitely a planter!


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