Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Cottage Day in Photos

This is what I woke up to this morning… I went back to bed, lol.
It was -1c in the early morning but warmed up a bit in the afternoon.

Because it was so cold out, Wayne and I decided to drive to Ignace (about 45 minutes away from our camp) to get some propane for our BBQ.
Ever time we go to Ignace, I check their grocery store for these babies ;)
They are packaged as French Twists, but I call them French Horns or Cream Horns… least that is what we called them when I was a kid. But whatever you call them, they are delicious.
These are the only ones I have had that are sooooo moist, yummmm.
I skipped my lunch for these 310 calorie treats ;)

Once it warmed up, Wayne and I put together our bistro set :)
I went to sit on the deck to help, but my hand slipped and I got about 10 or more slivers embedded deep into the palm of my hand and pinky.
Wayne not only had to dig them out…but also had to cut pieces of my skin to get them out.
Hard to believe I was in labour 36 hours with 2 of my daughters, and I think these slivers hurt more, lol.

We then took out the old mirror.
It was actually mirrored tiles.
I taped them so if they broke the glass would't fly all over…but I did score the tape for each mirror, so they could be removed individually.
Once Wayne cut the foam adhesive that was holding the corners in place, they all came off in one nice piece.

See all the mirror tiles are all gone.
As you can see, the walls have been painted since those mirrored tiles were up, lol.

Because of the light and the plug in, we had to find the perfect size replacement.
I wanted a wood frame, but I may add one by just adhering the wood pieces to the mirror….we will see.
But now when we look at reflection it won't be all wonky, teehee.

Oh but thats not all…..we were busy little bees this weekend ;)
This cabinet that the microwave is on….was a place for the garbage.
We never use it.
We recycle up at the cottage, and that is what those silver containers are to the left of this cabinet.
The cabinet was easy to remove as it wasn't attached to anything.

We put up a shelf for the microwave and now the recycling containers fit under it perfectly and the lids can still be raised ;)
It also leaves so much room to walk into the kitchen area even if the refrigerator door is open.

What I am also really happy about is that my bear cookie jar still fits on the microwave :)
My bear never holds cookies, but this is where I put my sunglasses and iPod when not in use, so I know where they are ;)
Isn't he a cool bear, teehee.

Lastly I will share a beautiful photo of our lake :)
I love how the sun is shimmering on the water :)

I hope you enjoyed following me throughout my day at our cottage :)
I hope you all had a creative day.

Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous and busy busy busy! It's always good to get those projects doing that have been needed to be done. TFS

  2. Somehow, bloglovin failed to notify me of like four days worth of your posts :( wtf? At least I'm catching up now. I love seeing all your little projects up at camp. Too cold to plant flowers yet, huh. Lol


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