Saturday, August 6, 2016

BBQ Potting Table

To complete my week of sharing my planters and how I have been using discarded items to decorate with. I thought I would share with you one of my favourite projects.

I had planned on making a potting table 10+ years ago...I never did.
Then I planned on making a Potting table out of our old BBQ a couple of years ago...I never did.
So finally this year, I did!!!!

It didn't start out looking very good.
When we bought our nice new BBQ, Wayne didn't blink an eye when I told him I had a plan for it...I think he is getting used to my hair brain ideas ;)
But before I really started working on this, I wanted to make sure it would actually work for what I wanted to do with it, that is why the pots are on there.
And you know what....It Worked...I was so so excited!!!
Remember, it doesn't take much to get my excited, lol.

First thing I had to do was gut it.
I took out the racks, the burner, the tubes, the knobs...everything!!!!
I was left with a shell of a BBQ.
Still looking pretty nasty isn't it.
Oh yes, I also took off the front panel.
I got Wayne to help me with the spray painting.
He painted the outside a nice deep red..looks better already :)
After I scrubbed the inside he gave the inside a coat of black paint.
Now to find a way to cover those holes on the bottom.
Kind of defeats the purpose of a potting table if the soil just falls through those holes ;)

I picked up a kitty litter tray from the dollar store and am happy to say that it fits pretty nicely.

Now to add the soil in the tray and we are one step closer to planting some flowers :)
The grids also fit in place above the soil, so any overflow, just drops back into the soil tray :)

Now doesn't that look pretty.
I love that I can also wheel it around the yard if I wish :)

With the grids in place, I put my tools and garden gloves on them and they stay dry and are protected from the weather when the lid is down.

Did I tell you how much I LOVE this!!!
My knees have been giving me trouble for over 20 yrs and this sure saves me from working on the ground to plant my flowers in my planters.
I can't tell you how happy I was that this worked out.....sooooo happy :)
See its the little things.

I also did a video with how I put this all together...if you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel, just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all had a very creative day.

Tracy :)


  1. I thought I had already commented guess it must have been on the video. Awesome job on your gardening table. love the colour it will brighten up your yard and make life easier.

  2. Okay, your potting station is ingenious! I love it and the color. It makes a cute statement anywhere in the yard or garden. What a surprise to lift the lid and see what it really is. You are the queen of re-purposing! Plus it certainly helps to have such a cooperative hubby!

  3. Scrolling through recent posts and I see it's just one project after another for you isn't it. I applaud your creativity, outdoors as well as indoors.

  4. Fantastic idea, Tracy, so glad you made the time to get it done!

  5. You are so good at repurposing your old stuff!

  6. wundervoll, liebe tracylein....habe grad dein video bewundert...aus old hast du happy gemacht....*lach*...super...super...
    ...ich freue mich so sehr über deine lieben kommentare....lass dich drücken....

    1. Ruth's comment via google translate:
      wonderful, love tracylein .... have your degree video admired ... from old you made happy .... * laughs * ... super ... super ...
      ... I am so happy about your kind comments .... let push you ....
      ... Hugs ...
      ruth..chen ;-))"


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