Thursday, August 4, 2016

Coffee Anyone... Planter

Isn't this huge coffee cup and sauces planter adorable!!
I had my eye on this for a while now at our local nursery Vanderwees.
They gave out fake money when I purchased my plants and out door decor earlier in the season and Thursday was the last day I could cash them this was on sale :)

I let Kristy pick out the colour of the flower and brought everything out to the cottage to plant it there :)
Being as it is a pretty big planter, I needed something to fill up some space as not to use so much soil.
We have an abundance of pinecones in the yard at camp, so I gathered a few handfuls to take up some space.
I also put a coffee filter in the bottom to cover the drain hole.
Then added soil and some moss on top hoping that it will keep in the moisture since it only gets watered on the weekends....I will find out when we go back to camp if this worked ;)

Doesn't this look so cute on my bistro table on our deck :)
Being that I don't drink coffee or tea, this is a perfect use for any type of tea or coffee cup :)

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. sehr, sehr schön, liebe tracy....
    liebe grüsse zum wochenende...

    1. Here is Ruth's comment via Google Translate -
      very , very beautiful, love tracy ....
      liebe grüsse the weekend ...
      ruth..chen ;-) )

    2. tracylein, du bist ein schatz...

    3. Here is Ruth's comment via google translate:
      tracylein, you're a sweetheart ."

  2. Looks awesome on your bistro table. great idea using the pine cones for the drainage too. Tea for two?

  3. Very adorable. You might try lining the bottom of your containers with cheap kitchen sponges before you put the dirt in. Use the ones that will hold water in them not the really cheap smooth sponges. I have hanging pots that I do this with and I can't believe how much better they hold the moisture.

  4. Adorable! Maybe you drink hot chocolate?

  5. Beautiful, Tracy, really adds a nice charm to your table!


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