Saturday, August 6, 2016

Dusty Rose Teacup Bird Feeder

I have another teacup bird feeder to share with you.
As much as I love the vintage style teacups I used on the other bird feeders I shared with you last week, I just had to grab this dusty rose cup and saucer...and for 1.99 from the thrift store, how could I not :). 

The E-6000 adhesive just didn't want to cure and I was getting tired of holding I improvised, teehee. 
I put a rock in it to weigh it down and keep it in place. 
Would have been ideal to use a clamp, but I couldn't find one here at the cottage. 
Wasn't til later that Wayne brought one out for me. Thanks for being my hero..but a tad to late, lol 

I have a pretty awesome project I am going to share with you soon... You are going to live it, I know I do. 
So until then, I hope you all have a very creative day 

Tracy :). 


  1. Love it, I should have bought that big cup and saucer at the yardsale yesterday. dang. I thought it might be too heavy but maybe not. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Tracy, that is the cutest bird feeder! I love the pink! A bit unexpected, but will look so good with birds sitting on it!

  3. ...immer wieder herrlich, liebe tracy....nun können die vögelchen endlich auch zum tee oder kaffee einladen....*lach*
    i love it...(ist das korrekt geschrieben?)

    1. Ruth's comment via google translate: Always gorgeous, tracy .... love now can birdie finally for tea or coffee invite .... * lol *
      i love it ... (the correct spelling?)"


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