Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wind Turbine Vent Planter

Another planter at the cottage and another small thing that made me so happy :)
I needed to improve on my planter from a few years ago...for one thing, it needed to be repainted as it had faded from the sun.
Second the soil dried out pretty quickly as it only gets watered during the weekend.
Thirdly, the landscape fabric I put in to keep the soil from falling out of the blades, would shimmy down over the summer.
Time for late night planning, as that is where all of my ideas come to me :)

Here is the new and improved planter :)

So lets start at the beginning...
I found this old wind turbine vent at the cottage dump a few years did not look this good when I first picked it up.
Again Wayne didn't say anything....but he may have rolled his eyes at me, teehee.
After we straightened a few of the fan blades, I got Wayne to paint it the same colour as the planter from yesterday's post.

I grabbed this soft plastic trash can I was going to put in the dump and cut it to size so it would fit in the turbine without sticking up to high.
I also drilled in some drainage holes and added some coffee filters so the soil wouldn't fall out.
I then got Wayne to paint the top of the container (trash can). I just needed the top painted as the bottom can't be seen...and why waste paint, right ;)

I went for a nice quad ride to pick some moss from the bush and wrapped it around the inside of the turbine in between that and the container.

See how the moss peeks out from the gaps in the vents :)
I love that!

I planted my bedding flowers and lastly added my shims around the bottom of the turbine...turned planter to keep it level and from tipping over :)

Didn't this turn out cute!!!
I think it looks better than last years, don't you?
I was so happy, I did another little dance ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful!! You are so creative! One man's trash is another man's treasure (or should I say woman)!!

  2. recycling vom feinsten, liebe tracy...

    1. Ruth's comment via Google Translate:
      recycling at its best , love tracy ...
      ... Hugs ...
      ruth..chen ;-) )

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