Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The last of our trip....a tad late

My friend and SIL Sharon brought it to my attention, that I haven't posted in a week.
A Week!!!!
I know I have been kind of busy, but still, I used to blog every single day!!
So first off sorry for putting my blog on hold :(

I figured I would share with you the rest of our trip that my daughters and I went on.
For the second day that we were there, we spent most of the day in Mall of America.
First stop...Magic Pan Crepe Stand...Oh my...I can not tell you how good these are.
I always get banana caramel..sooooooo good.
I want one now.

The Mall was fun, but poor pregnant Ashley had sore swollen feet.
Even after the foot massage, warm tub and ice packs I made for her feet.
But the true shopper that my girls are...they powered through it to shop ;)
The only thing I picked up from the Mall was in the Carhartt store.
Wayne wanted to get the baby some overalls, so I picked up a pair as well as a cap and a toque (beanie) for him :)
I also picked up some Cinnabon twists...yes I am all about the food, teehee.

We stopped off at Target later.
I found some cute Halloween stuff in the dollar bins.
I also found these neat sticky notes (don't remember from where though).
I like the the words "hi" and "hello" are cut out, so fun.

Next morning we set off for our 7 hour drive home :)
Which was a bit squished as we had to keep the one back seat down in order to fit all of that Ikea stuff in the jeep.
Because I was the driver, I was very comfortable though ;)

As always I had a wonderful time with my daughters.
They are so funny and have me laughing all the time...even if the jokes are about me, lol.

I hope you all have a very creative day and I will fill you in with all that I have been doing in the last week or 2 :)

Tracy :)


  1. Yummy treats and shopping with your daughters what could be better. Sounds like a perfect end to the day.

  2. I never sure whether it's the food or the stash I am most envious of on your trips (col).

  3. Glad that you had a great trip :-)


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