Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dashboard for my Recollections Spiral Planner.

I went to a class at Michaels.
I never usually take classes but my new Art Journal buddy Stephanie was teaching and I wanted to support her.
We made a dashboard for our planners :)
The class was free and we were to bring our own supplies.
There were 5 in the class and we all had different planners, so each dashboard was a different size and because we brought our own papers and such, they all looked different as well.
I really enjoyed it, thank you Stephanie :)

I am trying the Recollections spiral planner this year (I will share more on my planner in another post).
I usually use my DayTimer, but thought this looked like a fun one to try :)
So lets continue with the dashboard shall we?
I used a grey cardstock for the base (looks black in the picture) and then adhered some Heidi Swapp paper on top of it.
I didn't want to adhere the backs of the post its on the paper because if I wanted to change out the post its, it would rip the pretty paper, as I am using my ATG to adhere them.
So I used a clear sheet of sticky Avery paper on the Heidi Swapp paper.

I was thinking of using velum, but I didn't like that it muted the pink paper.
The quote on the top left corner is printed on velum, see how the paper is muted behind it...ya, thats what I didn't want ;)

Now for the back of the page.
I completed my dashboard at home.
If I remember correctly, there was suppose to be a pocket on the back of the dashboard.
So I mounted the pink paper on the grey cardstock and then adhered the 3 sides leaving the top side open.
I just added some washi in the pocket.
I didn't put the sticky paper on this side, as I'm not planning on adding the post its on this side.

Now because it is a spiral planner, you can't add pages....or can you ;)
I used the packaging paper as a template on where to punch the holes, you could also use the front cover for this.
Then I cut slits from the edge of the paper to the punched holes.
This way the dashboard (or anything you want) can be added to the binding.
It can be removed from the binding, as well as turning the pages easily.

Here is what our dashboards were suppose to look like if we used the supplies that they called for.
This is Stephanie's, pretty isn't it.

I thought I would share with you why I don't normally take classes, just so you know I'm not snobbish on them, lol.
I like to look at a project and figure it out myself.
I also don't follow directions very well and go my own way, and would feel like I might me insulting the teacher if I don't follow her instructions.
And lastly, while I am figuring out how to put the project together, I come up with different ways, or different ideas.
See, I'm not snobbish, just stubborn ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day

Tracy :)


  1. Looks very pretty, of course I like the pink paper. I don't journal or use a day planner. I use a purse planner and the calendar on the computer. P.S. I like the layout of your planner better. So nice of you to support your friend.

  2. Great job! I don't like to follow the plan neither. I want mine to look unique and individual. Yours looks fabulous. No room in my little purse for those big planners. Mine is teeny!

  3. I like the idea of a dashboard - I certainly do not have such a creative use of my day timer, maybe I should.

  4. Very cool! I always love your planner posts!

  5. Me again.
    Yes, I make all my Christmas cards during the year. I like to have them finished by mid November so that can get them addressed and ready to mail before Dec.

  6. Your planner looks so beautiful!! I love the pretty papers you used!! I love the idea of using one, but my follow-through is seriously lacking ;) Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Wow! This is very nice. So pretty! I am a new follower, follow me back if you like! http://chrissandlou.blogspot.com/


  8. Wonderful. I am the same as you with regards to classes, I find they either do too much frou frou or not enough - if you know what I mean :-)


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