Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Movie Night...Hidden Figures

Tonight my daughter Heather and I went to the movies.
When she told me she wanted to see this one and shared the trailer with me, I wanted to see it as well.

The movie was "Hidden Figures".
It was a great movie.
I had me laughing, tearing up and rooting for the ladies.
I would highly recommend it to everyone.

What was the last movie you saw at the theatre?

Tracy :)


  1. My daughter wants to major in Mathematics when she transfers to a university next fall so she likes this movie.

  2. Haven't seen this one yet.. The last movie I saw was "Founders".

  3. It looks like a movie I would like. The last movie I saw in a theatre was Pirates of the Caribbean the Black Pearl.

  4. I cannot remember the last movie I saw at the theatres it has been that long! I have heard very positive things about this movie - a good one to motive the young ladies.


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