Saturday, February 25, 2017

Book Review....The Illegal

I completed my second book of the year!!
Another 427 pages read :)
I know that may not sound like a a big accomplishment to a lot of you, and it wouldn't have sounded like a big accomplishment to me years ago either.
I used to be an avid reader...I would stay up all night to finish a book, I would read while walking, or just sitting outside or when we would go for a drive. I used to read many books a month.
But in the last few years, my reading has really slowed down.
So for the last couple of years I have challenged myself to read 12 books a a month.

This particular book was given to me by my friend Debbie as a Christmas gift.
Debbie is always giving me books to read :)
And now that I have mentioned to my friends my goal, they are giving me books left and right...but you won't hear me complaining ;)
This was a pretty good book.
I don't want to say to much as I don't want to ruin it for anyone else who would like to read it.
It is basically about a boy, Keita, who is a runner.
He lived a good life with his family in a nice but poor little town, until the government changed hands and all was not well.
I escaped to Freedom State, which the majority of the people who lived there were not happy with how many illegal immigrants were coming into "their" land.
It is a good book and from what I am reading about what is happening in the US at this to read to give many a different perspective on this issue.
The author is Canadian and actually is from the same province as me.
I was chuckling about the use of Tim Horton's as a coffee shop in the novel as it takes place far from Canada.

Here is the write up from the back of the book.

The photos are pretty dark as I stayed up quite late reading and then took that photos.
Not good lighting at 2:00am

Tracy :)


  1. You are right on track for the year, me too I just finished my second book last night but not as late as you.

  2. It sounds like a good book!! I'm an avid reader, too!! I don't leave home without one :) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Always looking for book recommendations. Thanks. My reading dwindled quite a bit last year because I just couldn't find anything that interested me. So I started using all the recommendations from other blogs to find something ...


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