Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Art Journal "Peace on Earth"

Another art journal page :)
If you art journal or if you just enjoy looking at other's work, then you have probably seen a page similar to this on the net,  Christy Tomlinson did the first one.
I did a bit of a photo process for this page I did.

I have a huge ginormous jar of black gesso, so I wanted to use some on this page in hopes that the papers I use for the tree stand out.
I started with adding texture to my page.
I started with a napkin, doesn't matter the pattern as I was going to cover it up.
I scrunched up the napkin to give it some wrinkles or texture.
I then added some drywall mesh and embossing paste with a stencil to add even more texture.
Lastly I added the black gesso to cover it all up.
Doing this I can add texture to an other wise flat page.

Look at that texture!!!
As much as I wanted the page to be black...I still wanted to add subtle colour without taking away from the black page.

I experimented with different mediums on top of the gesso to add some colour.
I also tried different types of embossing paste to see how the snowflakes would look on the background.
As you can see some of the texture or embossing pastes took on the blue colour of the mediums I tried.

I added blue Dylusions paint to the right hand page.
See how it is still dark, yet a bit of colour comes though.
I did notice that it isn't as noticeable on the finished page though.

As much as I like the dark background...I added the snowflakes for a bit of contrast and interest.
I also printed up the lettering on pattern paper from my printer.

After adding the snowflakes, I thought the contrast was a bit to much, so added some watered down Dylusions paint with an old toothbrush and flicked it on...see the splatter :)

Now for the focal point of the page....the Christmas Tree :)
I cut stripes of Christmas pattern papers and then cut them to size to form the tree shape.
I also heat embossed red sparkly embossing powder on a plain wood star.

Now in true Christy Tomlinson style, I doodled.
I doodled around the page as well as all over the tree.
I used to be intimidated to doodle on my pages, but once I got started, I didn't want to stop, lol.

Here is the completed page again.
I am really happy with how it turned out!!!
Like I had mentioned, this type of journal page has been recreated by many art journalers and artists.
But what I haven't seen is one with a dark background like I have created.

So this is my last art journal page from 2016.
Looking forward to making a lot more in 2017!!

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lovely page, as you know I don't have an art journal, well have a few but they are blank. I love looking at other peoples work though. Your doodling is on spot, With enough looking I might take the plunge.

  2. Your page looks great. I am glad someone like to work with all that messy stuff, because I don't!

  3. Hahaha!! Love the inspiration!! She was mine too :) Great tree!


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