Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Christmas Planner

I know Christmas is over, but it is never to late to plan for next year :)
I received this beautiful DayTimer planner from my daughters last year as a Christmas gift.
I knew exactly what I was going to do with it too.
A Christmas Planner!!!
I didn't need the date inserts, but I did want to use the monthly dividers.
But before we get into the details....lets talk about how I plan for the holidays.

I love notebooks and have many.
But noticed to get ready for the holiday's I had to get these and other books together.
I had a journal for my gift lists.
I had a book for keep a record or Christmas cards I send and received.
I had my recipes in my recipe books.
I had lists and revised lists and revised lists of the revised lists...well, you get the idea.
I really needed to fine stream my organizing method and the Christmas planner was the answer and oh so pretty.

Remember I mentioned that I kept the 12 monthly dividers?
I covered them with my hoarded pretty Christmas papers and made some new divider tabs.
Here is how I labeled each tab and what it consists of.
1. Schedule: My Todo's for the days in December.
2. Winter Wonderland: Outside Decorating
3. Deck the Halls: Inside Decorating
4. Holiday Traditions: What we do every December to enjoy the season more.
5. Card Addresses: Page above with my Addresses and who I send Christmas cards to.
6. Movies: Christmas movies we have and enjoy watching.
7. Feast: Prepping for a Turkey meal. What I need and how I do it. I also use this section for anytime we have a turkey meal.
8. Novels: Every December I read a sappy Christmas's just one of my traditions :) So I list the books I have to read and check them off when I do.
9. New Years: We host a New Years party (drop in). So what my plans are for that day.
10. Clean Up: Lists of what is packed where.
11. Gift List: My gift lists and stocking stuffers
12. So far 12 is blank.

I then added notes for each section.
I like that is it a ring binder, because then I can add pages as I need them.

This section is for addresses for my  Christmas cards and who I sent to and who I received from.
I used the lists from the book I had, but redrew the lines and used my lable maker for the titles.
I am sure anyone can do this with any knowledge of the, I find it easier to just draw it and use the photo copier to make multiple copies.

I found this cute gift list HERE.
I just played with it so I could have the lists on both sides of the paper and room for the binder holes.

This planner has pockets and zippers and places for notepads.
Now all of my bit and pieces fit into this Christmas planner :)
I love how it turned out and it really helped with my planning this past Christmas!!

You know I just had to go into more detail than a blog post could fit, so I made a video so you can see it in more detail :)
If you would like to watch the video on my Youtube channel, just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my Christmas Planner :)
I have been working in my other planners, yes I have more...I think I may have a bit of an addiction to them, lol.

Have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy 💗


  1. Love your planner! Looks like you have covered everything. Perhaps tab 12 could be a pocket for receipts! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I shared more on the video...there is a clear zippered pocket in the planner that I keep my receipts in :)
      Great idea though :)

  2. Thats cook I want to make one now - I have the 12 days
    Christmas cards

    oh yeah I need another planner - hmmm to find one on sale ....

  3. Beautiful planner, so very detailed, which I really like. I also keep a Christmas planner for each year, alas the send to card list keeps getting shorter - I miss that people send cards, an email just doesn't give the festive feeling (in my opinion).


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