Saturday, March 24, 2018

I want to wish my beautiful baby girl Kristy a happy 23rd Birthday.
I am away for her birthday this year so we celebrated early 💗
This girl here is the most giving, loving and family oriented girl I know.
She is just so special to me and my family.

Who makes their own birthday cake!??!
Kristy...thats who.
She loves to bake and decorate cakes and was so excited to make this one as she loves these tiny chocolate eggs.

It is a tradition in our family, when it is your birthday you choose the restaurant and Wayne and I treat the whole family to dinner.
This year Kristy just wanted us to stay at home and we made Finn pancakes...yummm

Happy Birthday Kristy 💗💗💗



  1. That cake looks YUMMY!!! She made herself a beautiful cake! Happy Birthday to your lovely Daughter!


  2. Happy Birthday (belated)Kristy. That is a really pretty cake ...I bet it tasted as good as it looked.

  3. yes Kristy is amazing - I adore her - but that's no secret!
    I think you could almost do a post on the cakes that Kristy has made.
    Happy Belated Kristy!!


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