Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Art Journal Travel Kit

I put together a little Art Journal Travel Kit a while ago, but haven't shared it yet.
I took this plastic chocolate box my daughter gave me. I like it as the lid was clear so I could see in it.
I also used a Smashbook elastic to hold it together better, so I could just throw this in my bag and not worry about anything falling out.

 I wanted to put my Dylusions paints in here, but the containers they come in are to big for me to put them in here as well as the other products I wanted to fit in.
I wanted this to be compact, but I also wanted to bring all of colours with me.

How I rectified this was to go and pick up these small containers from the dollar store and put some paint in each container.
The lids snap tightly closed and I can see which colour is which.
They are also small enough that I was able to pack all of my colours in my travel kit.

The next product I wanted to bring with me is my molding paste or embossing paste.
Again, the container is to big for my container.
So I purchased (once again from the dollar store) a bit bigger snap lid container for this.

I think I would use more embossing paste than the paints, so that is why I have it in a bigger container.
Plus I can always refill it when it gets low.

This mini Travel kit has the essentials.
I have a container that this one fits in where I can add stencils, stamps and such.
I have an inner kit with my necessities and then a outer kit for when I have a certain project in mind --What I keep in my Inner Permanent Kit--: * Dylusions paints *molding paste (or embossing paste) *spatula *Distress water crayons *A water spritzer *paint brush *Black marker for doodling *baby wipes --What I put in my Outer Project Kit--: (this one changes depending on the page I am working on) *Stencils *texture stamps
*decorative napkins *Archival Ink *as it won't smear *paper towel *resist pad for messes

I did this video for a more indepth look into my Art Journal Travel Kit.
If you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures 24"

I hope this helps anyone who would like to Art Journal on the go!!!
Have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy 💗💗💗


  1. What a fabulous travel kit!! I've bought so many supplies to start a journal but I haven't done it yet...I need to get started!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. What a clever way to take some of your supplies with you! I don't do journals but this is a great idea for even other types of crafting on the go.. Neat idea!


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  4. I love how you used smaller containers and made a small kit! anything small is awesome! lol
    Ana says Hi - she was removed from this post !! lol ha ha ha

  5. What a great repurposing idea. I do wish you had some of the chocolates left. LOL!


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