Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Top 10 Fauxbonichi Supplies….Video :)

I have been missing for a while on here.
I was uploading some videos and they take forever to do.
When I edit them, then finalize them to my laptop and lastly upload them to YouTube, it takes me all day.
Plus I can't use my laptop to check out the internet during this process.

What were the videos I made about, you ask?
They were on my Fauxbonichi.
One was a flip, the other a Fauxbonichi top 10 supplies

Felecia, from our Fauxbonichi Journalers Facebook group, challenged us to share our Top 10 Supplies that we use in our Fauxbonichi Journals.
Here are my Top 10 supplies.

1. Washi Tape…..were you surprised with that one, teehee.
2. Templates….I have templates for my Header and my Sun :)
3. Ruler…I use a small clear plastic ruler to keep my lines straight.
4.Pens…I have a few favourite pens and markers for writing with.
5. Stamps…this includes the Date stamps I use as well as images and words.
I also snuck in my rub-on numbers in there as well ;)
6. Inks….inks I use for stamping and how I store them.
7. Sticky Notes & stickers….I like lined post it notes to keep track of my day or when I am behind, as well as the many stickers I hoard ;)
8. Colouring Mediums….I love to colour and love colouring, so I have many different mediums to use in my journal. Copics, coloured pencils, inexpensive markers, Stampin Up markers etc.
9. My iPhone…I use my phone for the dictionary app. I am always doubting myself on how to spell something, I love this app!!
I also use it for checking out my blog for what I have been up to when I am behind on my journaling days.
10. Focus….Most importantly are my cheater glasses..I really am needing them more and more.
Also a tiny task lamp. so I can journal without disturbing my family as I am usually watching tv with them as I journal :)

Here is the video with these supplies and how I use them in more detail.
If you would rather watch this on my YouTube channel Tracy's Treasures, just click on the link :)
This video took forever.

After video taping, transferring the video from my camera to my laptop, then editing…I then have to finalize the edited video to my laptop, which takes about 3 - 4 hours.
Then I had to upload it to Youtube, which took 9+ hours.
Well…not only did I do this once, but I had to do it 3 times.

Day 1…Friday
After doing all of the above, I watched it on YouTube and noticed pieces of my video were missing.
My laptop wouldn't finalize my edited video as it indicated I didn't have enough room.
So I deleted my unused portions….little did I know it also deleted some of my used portions.
I emptied my trash folder and I formatted my camera…so I couldn't retrieve any of my files.
Plus, It was too late to do anything as it was after 3:00am

Second day:
I re-taped (1 hour)  the parts of the video that were deleted.
Edited it (1.5 hours), finalized (3+ hours) and uploaded (9+hours).
When it was up on YouTube, I noticed that my music was in the wrong spot.
This was about 1:00 am.

Fixed the music.
Had to finalize it yet again (3+ hours).
Upload to YouTube at 4:00am….went to bed, lol.
I had to stop the upload every once in awhile today, to had to let my family use the internet for a bit today, lol.
This time upload time was over 10 hours
It was finally up on YouTube after 4:00pm.

Man I am one determined lady, lol

I hope you all had a creative Day :)
I did, since I had all of the down time (as I couldn't use my laptop during finalizing, and the family couldn't use the internet when I was uploading to YouTube) I spend most of the weekend with my daughters.
We were all around my large craft table chatting, while Ashley and I were working on our planners :)
So besides all the frustrations of this video, I had an awesome weekend with my girls.

Tracy :)


  1. Bummer about all of the hiccups with your videos, but nice that you had plenty of time with your girls, Tracy!

  2. I watched the video on Sunday evening, very informative. Wow that was a lot of work to put it up too. Nice to have a crafty day with your daughters. I made my Tuesday DT cards.

  3. That is a TON of work for a video! You would think there would be an easier way, with all of the technology we have these days.

  4. Glad you had a wonderful weekend, even with all the trials and tribulations with your fabulous video! TFS


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