Saturday, November 12, 2016

Back to the Organizing Grind.

Will it ever end!!
I know I take the summers off from organizing...but seriously....
If you go in my room, you would think I was soooo organized...but it is all an illusion, lol.
I used to have dividers in these drawers to keep my raw chipboard and wood veneer pieces separated. I ran out of room, so decided to just put them in ziplock type bags to keep them separated and I can store them all in this one drawer now.

I started to clean last night....then got distracted and started to move my supplies around.
So today I thought enough is enough and went down in my room and started resumed my organizing from last spring...yup, you read that right, last spring.
Actually....I started to fine tune my organizing last year!!!!
Ok, so time to stop beating myself up about this and get to work :)

Hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. So much fun to organize that's when you find stuff you forgot you had. Good Job Tracy.

  2. Getting and staying organized is an ongoing process. Still, it's more fun than laundry!!

  3. I don't think I will ever get organized!!

  4. I'm always amazed at how fast my studio gets unorganized! I spend hours doing it-then-in no time-it's a mess!
    When it's clean I have a tougher time creating-that the great thing! I get more done in the mess!!

  5. The last couple times I have organized I have actually freed up some storage bins. I have a tendency to just start new bins of odds and ends rather than putting stuff logically away. Good luck on keeping it organized - that is the hard part.

  6. I agree with Susanne- it's keeping it organized! Good luck with the process!


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