Monday, September 25, 2017

Book Review "Gerald's Game"

Look at me go!!
Not only am I successful in my "one book a month" challenge I have for myself, but this is my second book I have read for the month of September (maybe the reason for lack of posts).

I heard this book was made into a movie.
Funny thing was I had this book on one of my bookshelves and thought I had read it.
Decided to double check, but when I read the jacket cover, realized I had not, lol.

I have to read the book before watching the movie.
I like to have the characters in my head on how I think they look, before seeing them on-screen.
I also enjoy reading the books first, because in the books you get to read what is going on in the character's head.

I really enjoyed this book, but then again, I am a Stephen King fan.
I love the way he gets into his characters heads and describes how they are feeling, the way their mind works and the things they see.
This book is about a husband and wife who go off to their summer home in the off season and things don't go as planned.

In true Stephen King fashion, he writes so well on how  the mind plays tricks on us....or do they?!

I have 3 bookshelves full of books I have read, or want to read.
I also have a note on my phone with book suggestions from friends that I plan on reading.
I write down the title of the book, who the author is and who suggested it.

I would love to hear what you are all reading so I can add it to my never ending reading list :)

Tracy :)


  1. yes....look at you go. I'm not a Stephen King fan but my son is, I am still reading Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell since February, I should have brought it to the cottage I probably would have finished it in June. By the time I find time it`s bedtime and 1 chapter is all I can manage.

  2. Girl, I am a huge Stephen King fan! I have been reading his books since Christine came out. Albeit probably a little too young to be reading it back then, but he is one of my favorites.

    Gerald's Game was super creepy to me because there was a character in there (don't want to spoil) that was just like the boogeyman from my childhood!


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