Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another sneak, and a super strong skunk

Here is a peak at a project I am currently working on. It is going to take me awhile to finish this one.
I was in the scrap/craft room most of the day.
I put on my DVD of past seasons of House and got down to work. I loved it. Plus it kept me from taking a nap today :)
Nope not going to tell you what it is. You are going to have to stay tuned for this one.
Like I said I hate sneak peeks, but it is fun to tease, lol.
 I picked Kristy up from school during her spare. She phoned me and was bored and hungry. So whats a mom to do, but pick up my poor baby :)
When she came home we made tuna croissants. She wanted some cookies, so she made a batch from scratch. She does this a lot. When she went to get the brown sugar out of the cupboard, someone forgot to put a tie on the mini marshmallows.
It looks like hail all over my kitchen floor, teehee.
I forgot to share a conversation I had with my Hubby yesterday at the dinner table.
I told him I needed a favour from him. He has to go outside in front of my work shop and piss around the skunk hole.
He looked at me like I had 2 heads.....actually he looks at me like that quite a bit, hmmmm.
I told him that my bloggettes told me that it works to make the skunk go away.
He said to me, If I do this your going to blog about it aren't you.
I told him, well I won't post pictures if you don't want me too ;)

Now I won't tell you if he did it or not, but if he did, the skunks must love his scent. Because they really wanted to get under there. It moved this huge heavy cement block.
I think it is a loosing battle.
Time to make that Welcome sign.
Thankful Thursday:
I did my morning walk. It has been 2 full weeks now :)
That I got to spend the day in my scrap/craft room.
Unpacked from the long weekend of scrapping.
Kristy's awesome salad she made for supper.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Looks like 1/2 a butterfly wing! :)

  2. ooo, I can't wait to see what your creating. I hope you find a solution to get rid of your skunk. I'm sure it's not a welcome visitor :)

  3. Agh on the powerful skunk! We had one once under our steps as well many eons ago. I think that my dad had tried "flooding" it out with water. It was so long ago, I cannot even tell you if it worked...:0(. Have you tried using a live trap! Although I have no suggestions as to what to do with it once you have it!
    I am very curious about your project!

  4. oh this looks like a beautiful wing of a butterfly --i can't wait to see! have a good friday scrap time tonight!

  5. Oh man, another tease? You are so bad :) That was sweet of you to pick up Kristy. I'm laughing so hard about Wayne and the skunk. Maybe this is some form of mutant skunk and you need to more bricks on top of the ones that are already there?

  6. That is definitely a tease and not a peek. Too funny about the skunk. I finally watched the season finale of House last night. Not sure what I think about it.

  7. I literally LOLed at your conversation with your DH-too funny.
    Can't wait to see what you are creating...

  8. Interestingly, creative way to get rid of the skunks! And, speaking of House, this season has been a bit of a disappointment for us. We watched the season finale last night - rather strange!

  9. Hey Tracy, I showed your post to my ex and he just shook his head laughing and repeating "that's women for you". I asked him for an explanation to that statement, and his reply was "well, I should be really thankful that we don't have skunks in England"... I get the feeling that he sympathises with your husband!!!... LOL. The post was so funny :) :) :)

  10. Hi Tracy, just had a catch up on your blog, glad you had a good weekend at your SIL. You've been busy with lots of gorgeous makes, i'm hoping your sneak peek is Fairy wings, I do love fairies.

    Sorry not been over, blogger has decided he doesn't like me blogging. He keeps locking me out of my own account, but I have heard around blogland that there is a lot of people having problems, so not just me.

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. i am really curious if that skunks are still around. :D. loved your envelopes,layout and waiting to see what your project ends up being. thanks for following my blog i was so excited to see that thanks

  12. Tracy,
    You sure have one persistent skunk. I am glad I just have my bunny.
    It does look like wings of something that you are creating.
    I am waiting for Curtis to get home. Should be a quiet long weekend around here. I hope time for creating.
    It is supposed to rain all weekend and then soar to the 70's and be sunny--figures!


  13. I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. Told hubby. We agree maybe wayne is just too young to have that mean old man get out of here scent. You pee on it Tracy! Just kidding! Don't take that the wrong way. Can't help myself. Been with Mom for two days. LM@O...... I almost snorted tea all over my p.c. Giggle, really thankful for that/you today.

    The butterfly wing has me guess and wondering and cursing... LOl what could it be?mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Okay all is fair in paper peeks/teases huh? LOL
    Glad you had a great day. I am off to try and post something. maybe?

  14. Funny skunk story! Especially about Wayne :0) I am thankful that it is Friday and I now have my days straight, LOL! Is that some kind of butterfly something or other......? Hugs!!!!


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