Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Shower Day :)

Today was the Baby Shower :)
Here is the banner I made yesterday. I thoughtKelly (the mommy) can hang this in his room if she wants.
She is so cute, she asked me if she got to keep this.
I don't think it would go with my decor, lol.
I cut and embossed the banners with my new Spellbinders dies. Then punched out the scallop circles with the large scallop punch. Then cut the letters out with my Cricut.
Everyone seemed to really love the Baby book and favours I made:)
 Here is the star of the show.
 Every time Hubby or I see him or pictures of him, he is always sleeping. I think he opened his eyes once during the whole shower.
Here is my baby holding the new baby.
A little scary as I was her age when I had her. She is going to be 22 this July and I had her 2 days before my 22nd birthday. But I was married and she isn't ...... does that help, lol.
I have to work this week, so probably no creating for me :(
I have so many ideas running around in my head, I wonder how many I will forget by the end of the week.
I do have a video that I uploaded a couple days ago but will share it tomorrow....I have to save something creative for the week :)

Hope you all had a wonderful creative weekend :)



  1. All looks so pretty! How fun that the baby an have the banner in his room too! LOVE the scallops around the banner!
    Does it seem strange to look at your dd and think of yourself at her age having her?

  2. What an adorable, apparently quiet little baby! Heehee! Beautiful banner, too.

    Your daughter looks quite smitten with that little baby!

  3. OH! I didn't realize the baby was already born!!!!! That would definitely make for a good shower! Much more fun to see the actual baby than to have to play all those shower games!!!! :-) And your baby does look like a baby, very sweet!!!!!

  4. YESSSS, you used your Cricut! Like I should talk. Beautiful banner. You coordinated everything so well. I did a bit of creating today, and played around with my new die. I have two now, lol.

  5. Beautiful banner :)
    What a cutiepie! My "little one" will be one year on the 23rd this month... Man, they grow so fast!
    Have a great week!

  6. Cute Baby eh? love your banner and you did have to mention the cricut didn't you? I had to have it! and now I never use it! tee hee

  7. Tracy,
    Great banner! That little boy is precious! Hope you don't work to hard this week

  8. precious boy and banner is to die for .. love the pictures have a blessed day and enjoy that baby scent....

  9. Glad the shower was a hit! Fun banner! I love the dies - may need to get some myself! No creating this week? Say it isn't so! You'll have to squeeze in some time somewhere. Don't work too hard! :)

  10. awww he is so cute, makes me broody!!! i love the banner too - lovely; really nicely made xxx

  11. Adorable baby! And a lucky baby, too - that banner is just awesome! :)

  12. Oh, he is so cute! The banner looks great.

  13. Love your shower decorations! I did a banner for CJ and it now hangs on the wall by her crib.

  14. Tracy that banner turned out great! Love it!! Matthew is absolutely adorable! So glad the shower was a success!

  15. I love the banner! I am working on a banner for my craft room right now and that has given me inspiration :-) Great job!!

    And omg what an adorable baby!

  16. The banner looks fabulous! And Matthew...what a cutie! :)


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