Friday, May 13, 2011

Blooger Blackout of 2011. Did you Survive?

So did you survive the Blogger Blackout of 2011.
I did....barely, lol.
I love my blog, I also love checking on my blogs and I felt so lost. I can't tell you how many times I kept checking to see if it was back up.
I was so upset that I lost my blog post from yesterday, then poof, thankfully it is back. I was going to re-post it..but how to get the comments back. I thought I was going to copy the comments from my e-mails and then re-post that a little obsessive? LOL.

Yesterday a truck pulled in front of our house and a man came to the door. I realized it was a friend of Ashley's dad. Cory (Ashley's friend) and Ashley have been really close friends all through College and now that they are both done, have remained close friends.
Well Cory's dad comes to the door and gives me a CD and tells me that its for Ashley. Then he hands me this beautiful hanging basket and tells me that this is for me.
Me? Why?
He said that he heard about my appointment the other day and Barbara (his wife) asked him to give me this. How sweet is this. I think a Thank You card is in order. I can't believe that they are so thoughtful. I have been smiling all day looking at them.
 I think we have a critter....hopefully its only one.
I think it may be a skunk. Groan. It is living under my work shop. I looked under the shed aka My Work Shop, and it looks like there may be a nest of some type. But I didn't see any glowing eyes.
I told hubby at night to put the spike boards in the hole so they don't go back in there. He put the board in before dark, so I am hoping they didn't get locked in. That is all we need a decaying stinky skunk under there. I want it out of there before it has babies.
 Here is more evidence.
It has been digging under the fence to get in the backyard. Hubby keeps putting rocks and some chunks of concrete to block the holes it made, where he found the chunks  of concrete is beyond me.
 Do you have these mutant squirrels where you live. He might look small, but he is the size of a small to medium sized cat.
I love all animals really I do (OK except for crows) but these guys scare me. Plus I have noticed we don't have any normal red squirrels around. And I can't tell you the last time I have seen a chipmunk around our area.
I think these bullies have scared them all away.
Thankful Thursday:
1. That I have such sweet and thoughtful people in my life.
2. Naps...always thankful for naps :)
3. Got me some creative time in
4. That spring is finally here :)
5. That blogger is finally up and running.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I have one thing to say!!

    I MISS those furry black beasts (the squirrels).

    ALL the squirrels here in my neck of the woods are grey...ALL of them. Everyone I know from around here has never even heard of a black squirrel.

  2. Interesting squirrel. Hope you get rid of your unwelcome underground guest. All our squirrels are gray. I missed Blogger, too.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how lost I was without blogger. It's become such a huge part of my day too! I didn't get my post up today, but I have been making the rounds checking in on everyone else! So sweet of Ashley's friend's dad to bring you that plant! As for the critter, not so sweet! Now about that squirrel, I'm kind of creeped out. Our squirrels are kind of grey and they are smallish. About 6"-7" tall maybe?

  4. I didn't even have a problem with blogger. I was able to stalk my people but noticed a few glitches on my side bar, that was about it. Until I realized that blogger DELETED ALL OF MY PICTURES!!!!! I thought it was my fault at first not realizing the problems that were going on. Now I know and I'm mad. It is such a pain to upload pictures to begin with.

    Your squirrels are creepy. They look like some mutant genetically altered species. It looks like its gonna grow wings at any second and fly into your face LOL. Our squirrels are little and grey and they have huge fluffy tails twice the size of their body.

    I hope you get rid of your other critter.

    I left you a comment on your last post about your doctor's results. Take care of yourself and your in my thoughts!

  5. I am thankful that I survived this week! Boy has it been a doozy! So much negative has happened I can't wait to start to fresh on Monday :0)
    Boy, that is a big squirrel! Kind of ugly too, lol :0)
    Funny you mention not liking crows, that is my favorite bird :0)
    I am so glad the blog is working again, I kept checking mine also :0)

    Have a great weekend Tracy! Hugs!!!!

  6. Tracy,
    Your flowers are so pretty but your squirrel is a little creepy. I have never seen them like this. The ones we have are cute and gray
    Hope you have a great weekend

  7. Oh no! I never even knew blogger was missing! I'm always a little scared of that though, since I don't have any of my posts saved anywhere. I don't know that squirrel at all! Very sweet on the plant!

  8. Oh yes! I must have refreshed and checked my blog and everybody else's elevendy billion times! So glad it's back up and running. Have a great weekend!

  9. Thankful that Blogger is up - had a blog hop to do! LOL!!

    What a nice surprise (ah, not the squirrel - lol!!) - beautiful flowers!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm greatful blogger is back up. I have to admit though, I actually got some stuff done because I wasn't spending all my time reading and commenting Lol. That was so sweet about the flowers. They are very pretty.

  11. I lost some comments on my blog....thanks God Blogger is back.....I posted something special, did you see? it´s here

  12. we have small squirrels and huge chipmunks. It is the opposite back home. Daddy loved the black squirrels. He just loved them. I think you have a skunk. EWE! Yick. We have civic cats which are worse. A cousin to a skunk. Stink worse.
    Very sweet neighbors and yes I think you deserve it.
    Thankful that Momma sounded better, that I am feeling a little better and my kids make me smile even when I don't want to.

  13. i was so lost without my blogger--i read it while i eat breakfast at work. i didnt know what to do.

    love the flowers --so pretty & i have never seen a black squirrel before- how cool-we only have grey and brown ones here.

  14. I have never seen a black squirrel before...never mind one the size of a cat. yikes!

  15. after having a racoon give birth under my house, I think a skunk wouldn't be so bad. They both stink REALLY BAD. I couldn't get that b!tch to leave! lol.

    I have a squirrel fetish, so he's good in my book


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