Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue Parrot is closing, a sad day indeed :(

First off I want to thank everyone for their encouraging words from yesterday.
Wow I just kind of poured my heart out there didn't I, teehee.

Today I received some Happy mail from Patti :)
I love me some happy mail :)
I found out some sad news for our family today. The restaurant that we love so much is closing.
It is called the Blue Parrot. It is a family owned business, and has gone through a few generations. They had the best Hot Turkey Sandwich I have ever had.
In our family if it your birthday, you get to choose which restaurant to celebrate it at. Heather always picked The Blue Parrot, she loved their Chicken Cesar Salad.
We are running out of family owned restaurants :(
Guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow :)

Onto My Day:
Took my walk :)
Checked on my FIL's wife's cat. They are away and asked if I could check on her.
Picked Kristy up from school as she has a spare after lunch, and was bored. I told you I am a push over, teehee.
Worked on Pea's mini most of the day. This mini is just kicking my butt. I think it is because the mini that Pea made for me was so stunning, I want mine to be equally as beautiful.
We should have put them in the mail at the same time :)

Hope you had a creative Wednesday :)



  1. Nice snail mail you received. Lots of goodies to practice your colouring.
    Sorry to hear one of your favourite restaurants is closing. It's hard to a local place close up'
    Pretty quiet day around here. The grandkids were around for a while.
    My son-in-law got his lancer(car) back up and running and little harlee says--I think Dad's car has a problem. I so get a kick out of her.
    Happy Wednesday, Tracy.


  2. O MY GOSH I was OOING AND AWWWWING on every one.. I got cats tooo...My frined and I just did the VERY SAME THING... This girl on u tube made a stamp swap tablet we had a fit over and that is what we did.. OO and the PAPER is beautifullllllllllllll!!! SHE DONE SUPER!!!Nothing makes me feel better than paper and New stamps.. HEHEHEHHE WELL maybe some ice cream 2...:O)

  3. My favorite restaurant closed here a few years ago and I STILL miss it so much!!! Family owned is becoming more and more scarce and I hate it! Glad you had a good day!! :)

  4. Tracy...I´m happy cause you are taking care of yourself....It will be hard, but I know you can do it.
    I have to do this too..... I´m a little nervous and I eat more than I need :) I promised to myself start walk next Friday. I have to loose weight
    Heart diseases it´s serious and you are doing right!!!!
    I am sad cause I lost a nephew last week cause a heart disease....he was born on Monday and died friday....unfortunately he lived only 5 days. He was (is) an angel and I´m sure he is in Heaven now.

  5. I'm always so bummed when a favorite restaurant closes. You may be eating there A LOT the next few weeks huh? ;) You're getting quite the collection of images! I bet Pea's album will be beautiful!

    As for my basket, I'm thinking loose rubber stamps or new product that I want to be sure and use. :)

  6. I hate it when local places like that shut down! One that I grew up going to (no longer close to where I live) is closing it's doors after 40 years. It's a little sad.

  7. sorry to hear about the blue parrot. sounds like an awesome place. enjoy it while you can and take lots of pictures to scrap-hehehehehe

  8. Tracy,
    You sure did get some happy mail. Sorry to hear about your favorite restaurant, hopefully you will find another favorite

  9. I love small family owned restaurants but there are so few left. Awesome goodies, Your swaps seem like so much fun!

  10. Patti sent you some lovely images - sorry to hear about your favorite restaurant closing!

  11. The stamps are gorgeous... A rabbit in a bubble bath!!! There is nothing cuter than that :)
    Yesterday's post was profound and very meaningful; it touched my heart. If what you have been doing is called an obsession, then let it be. For me, it was not obsession, it was determination.
    Way to go, girl!! :) :D

  12. What a great all of them. I would love to know where she got the coffee stamp and the chicks exercising....i just think they are so
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  13. That is happy mail! Sorry to hear about your favorite resaurant.


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