Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A butterfly card

I made some time to play today :)
I worked all day LONG. Sure I am finished month end, but I am trying to clean up my books. Funny how some companies forget to pay their bills, lol.
I know, enough about the boring stuff, now lets get on with the fun stuff :)
I etched out some time to make this card. I think I should have used a darker pink instead of the dark blue, or used light blue for the background. But with all the baby boy things I have made lately, I needed some pink :)
 I have been so excited to try my hand at this technique. I saw this on a card at Archivers. We don't have one here, but when we went on our trip last March, that's when I saw it.
What you do is stamp the image (it has to be an image with lots of area to heat emboss). The butterflies were open, so I used my Stampin' Up markers to colour them in. If I went over with the markers, I just wiped it off the embossed area. You could also use your distress inks.
Once I coloured in the butterflies I loved it. I actually squealed, I was so excited...yup its the little things that make me happy :)
See the shiny white? That is the embossing powder heated up. 
I then inked the white paper with blue ink.
Pretty dimension :)
Onto My Day:
Worked all day. I was either on the phone or faxing. So many numbers.
Had daughters boyfriends over for supper tonight. Kristy made Finn pancakes.
Made my card.
Now watching Survivor :)
Tomorrow....operation Clean the House....want to come and join in on the fun :)   ya didn't think so, lol.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday :)



  1. Hi there!!! love this all the baby shower projects....I was busy so sorry cause I couldn´t visit your blog as I wished!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  2. Love this card! Pink is such a great color, I recognize that background paper :0) Hugs!!!!

  3. Hey Hey, such a beautiful card...question, i go on my dashboard and it shows i'm not following anyone....that's so wrong but i can't see what everyones been up to the last couple days...yours must be working eh? I'm missing blogging life:)

  4. okay the drugs I am on have me dumber then normal cause I don't get it? How did you do this? Is that one big stamp?
    Very pretty card though. Love the butterflies as you know. You shouldn't change a thing.

  5. I will help you clean. Except for toilets. Can't do those any longer, gag gag. The butterfly card is so cool. I am hoping you will do a video on the technique, because I wasn't able to follow what you wrote. Never seen anything like this. The white reminds me of marshmellows or mallows. Those squishy white things.

  6. Your butterfly card is just beautiful!

  7. this is just so pretty! i just love butterflies so!!!:)

  8. Love those butterflies! And great colors, too! :)

  9. I feel like it's operation clean house everyday - never ending. Love the card - especially the butterflies - beautiful.

  10. I think the card looks great with the dark blue & it really sets off the complimentary pink butterflies in it - which BTW are very cool ones at that!

  11. Very pretty card!Love those butterflies.

  12. Beautiful card Love the butterflies!

  13. That is a really nice card. I love the butterflies and the colors. It looks great.

  14. Beautiful card. I've been in Operation Clean The House for about a week now. We even have a big dumpster outside to get rid of all the junk my husband and children seem to have collected.

  15. I love all the butterflies! On the way home from school today Landry SCREAMED bloody murder because a butterfly flew by. Ha! Abie and I tried to tell her it wouldn't hurt her :) Glad you're done with your work work and now just have house work. That means it's almost time for play work!

  16. Really pretty card, love the 3-D butterflies!

  17. Very pretty card! I think the colors are just fine the way they are.

  18. Quick note in here before I have to head out on the road. Love your butterfly cards. They are beautiful, thanks for the great tutorial on making them.

    I watched your diaper cupcake tutorial also. Genius is what you are. The door prizes and guest gifts are lovely. You've done a lot of work and put tons of love into it all. Great job Tracy.

    It seems that you are feeling somewhat better, which I'm hoping is happening to you. Not quite so tired anyway.

    Take care, I'll get time to catch up on what you are doing once again in the next few days.


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