Thursday, May 19, 2011

How much is too much ;)

Is this to much for a weekend?
I am going to my SIL, Sharon's camp for the long weekend. We have been having this girls weekend for probably over 10 yrs. My 3 daughters, Sharon and I all head up to her camp and scrapbook all weekend.
I thought that I would be packing light this year. I was going to colour some images and make some cards and work on my Window Envelope Pockets for the swap.
I see that didn't work out that way.
Oh ya besides the Coca-Cola everything else is scrap related. I haven't packed clothes or food yet, priorities ;)
 Early this afternoon, Heather and I went to the Blue Parrot for our last meal there. We went at 11:30 as I knew it would get busy with it closing its doors this Sunday.
It was packed by the time we left. There were people at the door waiting for a table.
We will sure miss this place.
Onto My Day:
Heather and I ran around all morning.
Picked Kristy up for lunch.
Made this VIDEO for my swap I am hosting...which took 3 times to finally download, or upload.
Packed all my scrapbooking supplies.

Proud Thursday:
Did my morning walk again :)
Got my daughters to wash the dishes :)
Made it to Blue Parrot for lunch.

Hope your Thursday was a creative one :)



  1. Just checking in to see what you have been up to today.
    This is the Canadian long weekend, isn't it??
    I am sure there will be alot of Canadians in town leaving their money at all our stores and restaurants. Yeah!!!
    Sounds like fun to be spending the weekend scrapping. Can I come too????
    You do have a lot packed, but you might need it considering you are going all weekend.
    Have fun getting to create and relax.

  2. O WOW EE MAKES MY HEART RACE.. LOLOLOL I have not got to do that in a LONG TIME... I M counting down teh days till CKS in Chalrotte NC in AUgust.. I LOVE GOING There O it Makes me very HAPPY!! HAVE A FUN SAFE TRIP!!!!Wish I was going too. But it is to much stress for me I M scared i will leave something i need HAHAHAHAH I so sorry about restaraunt it sad.I hope they go on to do something they really like too..HUGSSSSSSS

  3. Sounds like fun. My mom sister and I pack like that for just an afternoon of crafting! So don't feel bad :)

  4. Hey, I need a U-Haul when I go to a crop, so don't feel bad. ;-) Why is the restaurant closing? I'm always sorry to hear of a locally owned business closing. Especially those that have great food and service. Have a great weekend! :-)

  5. sounds like a fun weekend--you can never pack too much scrap stuff--you never know what you will need in my opinion so I always over pack!! have fun

  6. I am really envious that you have someone to go spend a girl's weekend together with. My DH gets really jealous if I go scrap one day with friends, let alone if I went somewhere for a weekend. Not that I even have anyone to go share scrap time with anyway.

    Glad to see that you're trying to get things back in order with your health. It's not an easy task & seems to get harder the older we get. I'm cheering for you! I know you can do it girl!!

  7. I had to do a double take because of the mirror behind the suitcases,i thought you had double the stuff packed:) either way, you can never have too much. What if you need something you don't have? The horror!!! That's always my fear anyway. Glad you were able to eat at your restaurant one more time. Have a great long weekend!

  8. Oh, a scrap weekend sounds so fun. Enjoy the time with your girls and SIL. You should be pretty well stocked to get a few layouts and projects done! LOL I have a 4 day weekend in front of me and I'm looking forward to some good crafting time too. Have a great time! :)

  9. I could never go away for scrapping. I would probably take far more than you have there LOL. I just need to have everything at hand. It does get lonely though, I wish I had someone to scrap with. There was talk on 2peas about Skypebooking, that might be fun. And I did get to create yesterday and I also got to do some organizing of all those new goodies I seem to keep buying.

  10. There is a such thing as packing light? lol...I woudn't know. Have fun on your trip.

  11. I'd choose paper over clothes too. Just a couple pair of jammies and I'd be good to go for a crop with the girls. And I'd swap out Coke Zero for the real thing so the jammies wouldn't get too tight.


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