Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Hosting my 1st Swap :)

I may be crazy, but I am Hosting my 1st swap.
When I posted my tutorial on my Window Envelope Pocket with the tag, a YouTube subscriber suggested I host a swap.
I have so much on my plate, but I thought what the heck, sounds like it could be fun. Plus, I love pressure, lol.
I am shocked by how many have signed up. I have 17 already, wow.
If you want to join in feel free to let me know.

We used to have a treat every Sunday for dessert. For some reason we had stopped that and had treats whenever we wanted.
So Heather suggested that we start our Sunday Desserts again. So tonight we had banana splits. I have to apologise for the missing banana split photo, but here are the cute serving dishes that we used ;)

I really hope you enjoyed your weekend.
I planned on working and finishing my mini album this weekend.....well that didn't pan out how i had planned.
I was having some anxiety about this one.
So I am hoping to finish it this week :)  I have so many projects I want to work on and I should also catch up on my book work.



  1. I am interested in joining your swap, my only concern is being able to get enough envelopes. Looking forward to further details.

  2. Tracy,
    These are so cute, what a great way to use up some envelopes.

  3. Cute bowl! We should go back to Sunday dessert, too.

    I'll have to save my envelope windows now!

  4. oh wow that sunday bowl is just way too cute. my jack would love that! what a fun way to bring the family together on sunday ! everyone loves desserts!

  5. Good luck with the swap! That sundae bowl is super cute - I bet the banana splits taste way better coming from a cute bowl! :)

  6. I just love cute serving dishes & using them for dessert makes it even more special!! We must have had our dessert for breakfast on Sunday. DH made strawberry waffles. YUMMMM!

    I'll have to check out your window envelope project. Looks interesting!

  7. If I had that dessert bowl, I would have dessert every day just as an excuse to marvel at it... it's scrumptious :)

  8. Wow! Good for you taking on and organizing a swap! Woohoo! And YUM to the sundae!

  9. You ARE a go getter, girl! Go get' em!

    Love the idea of treat Sunday, too. :) YUM!

  10. Cute dishes indeed, I love those kinds of things! The boys could care less as long as they get what is inside :0) Hugs!

  11. Dessert sounds yummy! And cute dessert bowl!!!!!!

  12. How evil of you to show an empty bowl!!! Now I want a banana split. Come to think of it, it would probably be more evil to show the full bowl LOL. I'm so excited to be part of your swap! I thought what you created was different and I figured yours was a good place to start. It will be my first one.

  13. Oh man now a banana split sounds really good! I love the idea of fixing a special treat on Sundays! The swap sounds like a lot of fun, I've never done one before, would I have to make tags and envelopes for everyone in the swap?

  14. Hi Tracy

    You said that you wanted us to attach our info to each envelope for the swap, what should I do cause I dont have a blog so there is nothing for anyone to go and check out?

  15. Hi Tracy,

    I'd love to join if it isn't too late. Please let me know. Hugs, ~Shen


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