Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its all about taking control....is that being Obsessive?

You may look at this and ask your self what is this?
It is my pedometer. I have a few of these around the house. I haven't worn one of these for a year or more.
You might look at this and say ya so, its a pedometer, no big deal.
To me it is more than that.
This is my tool to beat heart disease.
I have had heart disease for about 7 yrs (that I know of).
It all started with me feeling tired, and a bit out of breath when I came up the stairs.
Well I was getting older (37years old...really, lol). I wasn't in as good a shape as I was when I was younger. Yup, I just made excuses.
Went for a yearly check up. Doctor asks me if anyone had ever told me I had a heart murmur?
I asked him, is that why it feels like I have butterflies in my chest sometimes.
He was a bit concerned...and made me go to a specialist.
Here is where my story starts...I went for every test you can think of.
Diagnosis...Heart Disease.
 I am a person that likes to be in control.
That year I lost all control. I found out I had other medical problems.
Plus a cyst was growing on my left ovary. By the time I got it removed I looked 6 months pregnant. They took out 1.5 liters of liquid and the mass. Thankfully it was non-cancerous.
There was a resident in the room during surgery and she said once they took the mass out...my tummy shrunk.  I do have before and after pics....I take pictures of EVERYTHING, lol.

Like I said I like to be in control. My sister reminded me of this ;)
So I needed to take control of my life.
So I got some journals from (where else but) Michael's and started on my mission.
On the top of each page I wrote this statement.
 Then every day I would put on my pedometer and track my progress. My kids hated this as I clicked with every step, lol.
Now these numbers were in my peek of activity....plus it was summer :)
I would write down the day, How many steps I took, and how many miles this equaled (my one pedometer had this on it). The calories were also on a certain pedometer, guess it wasn't this one, lol.
 In another book, I would write down my weight every day.
Again this was in my peak of activity.
Now don't be shocked with these numbers, I am a tiny person and I am not even 5' tall.
I would write down my weight, my fat and my water content. This was all programed on our scale to my height, age and sex.
I was 110 lbs when I first started.
Obsessive..Yes I agree.
But doing this got me off my heart medication.
I was full of energy and felt awesome.

But sadly, I have let things slip.
OK they slid off a cliff is what happened.
So I am starting again. I hope I didn't let it go to long.

You may be wondering why I am posting this as it doesn't have anything to do with being creative.
But it does, I am creating a new me. A healthier, happier and more active me.

Proud Tuesday:
I did my 1/2 hour brisk walk again this morning.
I walked over 10400 steps so far today, and the day isn't done yet.
Made a healthy meal for supper.
Worked on my mini today :)
Someone made my Window Envelope Pocket and showed me their video :)
Decided to stop farting around and take control again

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Oh I've done stuff like that. It LOOKS obsessive compulsive, but it really does work, doesn't it? Good luck!

  2. Good for you to take back control and be proactive! I'm excited to follow your progress! Go Go Go!!!

  3. You are rather obsessive. But I can understand why you want to get yourself healthy.
    I try to walk on my days off.
    You can do it, Tracy. Behind you all the way!


  4. How great for you to take control again! I have your back Tracy :0) You have actually inspired me to make a few certain changes needed for myself after this story :0) Big Hugs!!!!

  5. Tracy,
    Sweetie I am so proud of you and wish you the best of luck with the "new" you. It will be hard, but I know you can do it.
    I can't wait to see your progress
    Many hugs

  6. O WOW Tracy U can do it U can do anything i Know U can..I just went to my heart doctor too. the wall is still thining on mine but no valve replace ment yet YIPIEEEE.. U know what I got me the NINTENDO walking thing I M going to try that if my feet will let me. HEHEHH HUGS HUGS HUGS

  7. Oh good for you Tracy! You are the most creative thing you could ever focus on, and who knows how many other women this post of yours has helped? You know you've got a huge wide-spread group of online friends cheering you on. Obsessive? Nah. Just really smart! Good for you! :o)

  8. Well done on taking back control!
    I´m sure you can do anything if you just set your mind to it!

    Cheering for you all the way from Sweden!
    Go Tracy!


  9. I've done those things, too. And what's wrong with trying to take control over your life? I think it's only human and perfectly natural. Go, Tracy! I'm cheering for you!

  10. you go girl!!! posting this is really motivating to take control of one's life! very inspiring!

  11. Good for you! It does seem obssessive but it does work. I used to keep a food/exercise journal then I just stopped one day. I've started back up again recently. It does feel good to be healthy.

  12. "you can do iiiiit!" Name that movie :) Rock on girl! Maybe you could decorate your journal? Ha! I'm so proud to be your bloggy friend! You are awesome!

  13. Tracy, good for you!! It's always positive and inspiring to create a new you and by sharing your story you give others motivation to create a new them. Win/win!! I hope you continue to post about your progress and your journey as I'm sure there are alot of people out there who can relate to your story..(raising my hand) and here's to getting healthy!! :)

  14. Good for you, Tracy, for taking control and making positive changes. I know you can do it!

  15. I totally understand.It is easy to slip. We can help keep each other on track. I did my 30 minutes yesterday too!

  16. I don't think you're obsessive at all, it is your life we're talking about. We all let things slip sometimes but I'm glad to see you've taken back control, good for you!

  17. Tracy- there is nothing obsessive about wanting to be healthy...or at least healthy enough to keep up with the kids! It is great that you are able to share...and we are here to help you (even if you fall off that cliff again LOL!)

  18. Good for you! I keep telling my hubby getting a dog would make me walk... but he says no, it will make HIM walk because he would end up caring for it. Lol.

  19. Do what ever works to keep yourself healthy, Tracy! If you need to be obsessive, do exactly that. You are not the only one that slipped up - I'm trying hard to get back on track myself. You're in good company! :)

  20. Tracy Do what you need to do for your self. only you know what your limits are. so proud of you for taking control of it.

    P s check out crafting the web she does step by step on using copic markers hope it will help you and its free but i think your doing just fine as a newbie
    may God Bless your family

  21. Sounds like scary stuff. But good for you for taking care of yourself--you deserve it. Go you!

  22. I had the chance to get caught up on your blog and all your craftiness :-) Good idea you have with your health logs and walking. You Go Girl! :-)

    Love the window envelope pocket you made, and the tutorial is great. As I looked at your pocket I thought "How'd she do that?!" Great job on enlightening this old lady :-)

    You could say your little work place is the "Skunk Works" :-) Hopefully the critter is NOT a skunk though.

    I haven't seen the Graphic 45 papers with the Fairies, I'll have to find it sometime and "get me some". Love the coloring work you did on them.

    Take care my friend, and I hope your new regimen makes you feel better and you have good medical results on your next visit.

  23. Wishing you all the best Tracy and hope you feel better again soon.

  24. I found you through Twipply Skwood blog. I have slipped, too, and I'm trying to get my active mojo back together. Congrats on getting yours! More energy and health to you!

  25. It isn't obsessive. It is proactive. As you said you are creating an even better you for you and your family. There are all kinds of ways to be and feel better and keeping track can be one of them. You are also inspiring others. Hugs and encouragement!


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