Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its all Bull

Today Hubby went to Ottawa to go and look at this big boy.
He was in his glory. Not only did he buy this bulldozer, it was his first time ever in an airplane.
Wayne and his dad left early this morning and then go home at 7:30pm.
Now he has the travel bug.
Kristy and hubby were talking about maybe next year we will go to Hawaii.
Hubby said to Kristy "Its expensive but that doesn't matter."
I piped up "Yes it does!"
Then he then turns to Kristy, "We're gonna have to leave mom at home". LOL.

Onto my day:
Nothing fun for me.
The Brick guy came to repair the chair that my dad left me. I was shocked he phoned, because when I phoned them that it needed to be repaired and that there was a 5 yr warranty on it. The Brick told me that the warranty is void because my dad had passed away.
What! So you don't warranty the product but the person who bought it.
So I was surprised that he phoned to come and check it out.

Then I had another migraine. This one was different, not only did I lose some of my vision, I also had funky rainbow colours on my left side of my sight.
I swear I just took some aspirin, not LSD, lol.

I am trying to get as much work done tonight, as it is month end, and I have my angiogram tomorrow. My SIL, Janice, is going to take over for me. But I just feel bad, so I want to do as much as I can to make it easier for her.

Since I will be on my back pretty much for the next couple of days, I am going to be plugged into the Internet all day :)
Maybe I can finish the book I am reading as well. Yes I am still reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Don't think I will be reading the second one. I know most loved this book. But if it takes me half the book to finally get into it. Nah....to many better books out there to enjoy.

Hope you had a creative day



  1. Lots of goodies to read on today's bloggy entry, Tracy! Heehee! Where do I start?

    Well...first of all - wishing you well for your tests tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. Now be on your best behavior so there will be NO WORRIES...and hell, take that trip to Hawaii next year! I sure as shit would! (But you're right, it IS expensive....not to mention it takes forever to get there by the time you fly out west and then out to the middle of the ocean....lol.)

  2. Oh i'm so in with Marlene...take the trip, once in a lifetime and all that...best of luck tomorrow, and i have to ask what is your hubby going to do with that bulldozer? take care..www.justwordz.ca

  3. Take the trip!! You will not regret it!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Sorry to hear about your migraine...they are the worst. I have found the excedrin tension headache fast working ones to really help....I can't take the prescription ones at school (can't drive home) so that is my go to FAST.

  4. Hubby will have to work extra hard with his new toy to pay for your trip.it is a once in a life time trip was there in 2004 for a family wedding. It is not cheap to say for a week but so worth it. do some research and you will do fine. I wish you all the best on your test and i just wanted to say i look forward to seeing your blog and to hear a little about your day thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  5. Take a special trip when you can! Great way to bond with dh! Lol on dh's big boy toy!

  6. good luck today at the doctor apt.!

  7. My bestest, besty thoughts will be about you today, on your back. :) Here's hoping everything goes smooth! That's quite a purchase Wayne made! Now do you get to match that in crafty supplies? Haha! Oh, and I haven't read the second book yet either :)

  8. When your husband starts talking about trips to Hawaii...NEVER DETER HIM! LOL! It's worth it to travel! Experience is what life is all about!

  9. Will be thinking about you today, Tracy! Hope all goes well. That is some purchase! Do you get to buy some more copics now???? :)

  10. Nice dozer there Wayne! I hope all goes well at you appointment today Tracy! Lots of warm hugs going your way :0) As far as Hawaii, GO!!!! I want to go so bad so, if you get the opportunity, take it and tell me all about it :0)Big hugs my friend!!!!

  11. Wow that's a big machine.

    I hope you feel better. I don't get migranes, I've had about 3 in my life and I couldn't move it was awful. Maybe you're really stressed out about all of the testing and the angiogram.

    I didn't like that book either. I couldn't get passed the beginning chapters and thought it was really boring and dragged out. I didn't get the whole hype for the book either.

  12. Good luck with your tests, Tracy!

  13. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope everything goes as planned and about Hawaii... go and don't have any regrets.... You only live once so live it while it counts.


  14. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope things go better soon!!

    I have had that book (dragon tattoo) since last August in my "to be read" pile and still haven't been able to read it! I don't know what my hang up is :)

  15. Hoping all the best for you over the next few days. How nice to be able to have your SIL help out while you're recuperating.

    I have problems getting back to a book after I set it down - no matter how good it is. I think it's my ADD. LOL!

  16. Wishing you good health and good results from those tests.


  17. Hope all goes well for you! Men and their 'toys'! If you get a trip to Hawaii out of it, that would be great!


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