Friday, May 13, 2011

Its a cold one, so I needed a warm one

It was a hot chocolate type of day today. It was a chilly one here.
I didn't have any pop (Coke) today. I am now suffering from the caffeine withdraw with a little headache. The last couple of days I have been weaning myself off of pop.
When I told my cardiologist that I drank pop, he asked me "Why". LOL.
 Tonight was Friday Night Scrap booking with Sharon. We didn't do anything creative, but we did go to Michael's. I wanted to get the Tim Holtz scissors.
I had received some stamps (I also purchased some stamps) that weren't mounted. I have never done this before, but had heard that these scissors were good for this.
I found them very easy to cut with. Now I just need to clean all the stickiness off of them.

I have been playing with this Graphic 45 paper. I cut these labels out of the paper. They were all blank with the outlined images being green (the bottom left one). So I wanted to add a bit of colour to them, so grabbed my Copic and Stampin' Up markers and coloured some up. I like how they turned out.
Onto My Day:
Kept checking out blogger all day, lol.
Went to the bank
Treated my daughter Heather for lunch
Went to Chapter's (our book store here in Canada)
Went to my local scrap booking store. I picked up a few more stamps, hey it was still buy 2 get 1 free :)
Grocery shopping
Then came home and took a nap. teehee, I love my naps.

Hope you all had a creative day, and your weekend is a relaxing one :)



  1. I just love your colored images, so pretty :0) And hey, a deal is a deal right? It's only good for so long :0)
    I'm thinking I should start taking a nap during the day here and there, might make me feel better sometimes. It works for the little ones just fine, right?

  2. I want some Tim Horton's--yum,yum. I had to have a nap too, not feeling so great.
    I love the Tim Holtz scissors--I actually have 2 pairs in my scrap space in case one goes hiding.
    Glad blogger is back-I was wondering what was happening.
    Spring is here too--finally leaves coming on the trees. Makes me happy. The sun shining and warmth!!!


  3. I was a little creative today. Right before I sliced open another finger. Talk about panic! I have everything crossed just in case. LOL:0
    LOVE THIS PAPER! These images are stunning. Oh how very sweet this will be on cards.
    I too am very tired and need sleep, naps I will take it all. I am doped up on drugs the doc gave me. Can't sleep then crash. I get woke up early but happy smiles/kisses and wagging tails. Can't ignore that.LOL I hope to be a bit more creative.
    Have a wonderful weekend and yes, I had to use the tonic scissors to cut them too. Not the easiest thing to do huh? Sorry for that but do love those stamps.
    Have a great weekend my friend. I did update today believe it or not. Should be on Ripley's. LOL

  4. it is going to be rainly again and chilly here as well

    great faries--great coloring

  5. Tracy,
    Sure hope the weather gets warmer for you soon. I love your images, you are doing so great with the coloring

  6. i have started drinking coffee, my mom is totally addicted to coke! love your work!

  7. It's chilly here too, yucky. We had the air on two days ago and are trying to get through without turning the heat back on! I gave up pop 18 months ago due to some migraine medicine I started taking. It was HARD and I still crave the carbonation but I just can't drink it. Those papers you colored are beautiful! I thought you bought them that way and then had to go back and check!

  8. Those are pretty! My daughter is taking art next year and they have a certain budget they can spend at the art store. I told her to check into those markers!

  9. I haven't been much of a pop drinker since my teens, so I guess that's good & I gave up my 2 cups of coffee/day a few weeks ago & oddly enough, I have more energy throughout the day.

    Most times I wish we still had a scrapbook store in town, but then again, I wouldn't be able to afford it for the past 6 months anyway. I'm glad you can get stuff & show us, so I can at least see what's out there! I had no idea about Tim Holtz scissors, but I don't see them as anything I need at the moment. Now, his embossing plates & dies are another story!! ;-)

  10. Those tag labels are pretty. I thought they came colored before I read you colored them. Great color

  11. Great images. I have the TH scissors and I love 'em. Good luck giving up soda!

  12. I just love your colored images!!!!They are great at all !!!The tag labes are so pretty !!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Hugs from Brazil

  13. I hope it warms up a bit soon. I drink way too much soda I know how hard it is to give up. Good luck!

  14. I love the job you did on the labels. Very nice! I do not think I can ever give up caffeine. Good for you! And I've noticed that I have been needing more naps lately. (Well, it's been going on for a while now). Hope you are feeling better soon!

  15. hi, Traci glad you doing good if you have undo that will take care of your stickness of scissor. I use it all time on my tools. have fun!

  16. Fabulous!

    I also swear by "Undu" to get sticky residue off tools. (It's good for other stuff, too.)

    It was a humid muggy day here...81, sun followed by rain, sun again, rain again. Sheesh I thought I was living in the freaking rain forest today.


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