Sunday, May 29, 2011

Look at all the Pretty colours

Oh how I miss thee.
I haven't coloured in awhile. I keep meaning and wanting to, but have other things on my to do list.
Do you ever put off doing something because you don't think you're as good as others.
There are so many wonderful images coloured so beautifully. That I should be practicing mine.
Today was pretty laid back.

News on the skunk front....Hubby put out the new skunk trap. Our unwanted guest didn't even try our gourmet treats.
Hmmmmm maybe he just left on his own ;)    
Ya, I doubt it.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend, and got to create :)



  1. Hopefully he did leave! No creating for me :0( Still in a rut! Oh well, I'll get it back soon enough and then I won't be able to stop, hee hee. Quite a variety of colors you have there! Your colored images are awesome, you need not to worry about not being good enough!!!!! Big Hugs!!!!

  2. Oh, look at you with all those lovely copics! And yes, I have held off stuff because I feel overwhelmed or intimidated....just part of being human, I guess!

  3. wow you have a really nice stash of copics now! can i borrow some? hehehhee

  4. Darn! I was hoping he got the stinker! I love the pic! The colors make me so happy! :-) I really need to spend the money and start a collection of copics. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lovely copics....I don´t have any :( here in Brazil it´s too expensive....
    Finally I´m ablle to comment here.....
    Have a nice week !

  6. Oh Tracy, I think your images are AMAZING!!!! You need to make the time to color! I hope the skunk didn't take a look at that trap and decide to go get reinforcements. Haha!

  7. Oh look at all your lovely colours, don't put yourself down, I think your colouring is beautiful Tracy.

    Hope you catch your skunk
    Tracy x

  8. Tracy,
    Hopefully your pesky little skunk left on his own and won't return. I love all the colors, you sure do have a nice collection going

  9. You are accumulating a lovely bunch of Copics. I still don't have any. Maybe, one day. There are so many pretty colours.
    Hope your pesky skunk has left for good.


  10. You're getting quite a stash of Copics there! I think I've helped to create a Copic coloring monster! Heehee! Love it!


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