Thursday, May 5, 2011

My cool crackled nails and a butterfly tutorials.

My daughter Ashley bought this neat nail polish that crackles when you put it on.
I had seen this before and wasn't sure if I liked it. But it kind of grew on me. Ashley had done her nails with white underneath then the black crackle polish on top. It looked real good on her.
She wanted me to try it, but I thought it was way to young for me.
Then I thought, I wonder what it would look like with a dark colour underneath.
I actually like it. It is more subtle to the actual eye.
This reminds me of when I painted my wood to look aged, well except it was a cream colour not so bright ;)
I put 2 layers of clear coat on top. 
It looks a little Elvira-ish doesn't it.....RAWR.
 Kristy signed up for a points card.
Isn't she cleaver, lol.
Hubby calls her KDawg as a nick name.
So now I guess she is Dr. KDawg. What a silly family I have, lol.
So a few of you asked me to explain more in detail on how I did my card from yesterday. I am better at showing then explaining, so here is a tutorial on how I did this.
I am not sure if this is how Archiver's had done it, but this is how I did it :)  
Enjoy :)
Onto My Day:
Today was spent enveloping and stamping the bills to be sent off in the mail.
Made this video.
Took a wee little nap :)
Organized some of my stamped images from the swaps I was in.
Tidied up my scrap/craft room.
Tidied up the house a bit.
Made supper :)

Thankful Thursday:
That I didn't have to go out today.
Kristy baking biscuits tonight
My daughters sense of humour.

Hope you have a creative Thursday :)



  1. Totally digging the nails! Great tutorial also :0) I am thankful that I got my Mom's mini completed on time, yay! Have a great weekend Tracy! Hugs!!!!

  2. Okay totally get it. didn't realize it was the stamp that did it. Don't know why but thought something else. DUH? Thanks for sharing Tracy. I adore that stamp. where did ya get it?
    Have a great weekend

  3. Great mini video explaining what you did for that beautiful card. That is a beautiful stamp to have in your collection.
    Those nails are something else.
    Finally getting around to checking out my few blogs. Been a busy day and I am headed to bed here soon.

  4. Those nails are wild! Like sexy wild, a leopard or a tigress. Loved the tutorial, now I just have to find a stamp similar to yours so I can get the same effect. What is a points card?

    Hugs :)

  5. you should send a photo to tim holtz --they are very his style --love it!!!

    great video--have a great weekend and mothers day!

  6. female creativity is amazing
    and butterflies too!
    Sunday is Mother's Day, so Happy Birthday to you, see my post!
    have a nice weekend!
    kisses and hugs mamy!

  7. Tracy,
    Your nails look really good. I may have to try this myself!
    Hope you have a great Mothers Day

  8. Loving the nails! Abie had hers done like that at school with purple polish underneath :) Thanks for the video!

  9. I never seen or heard of the crackle nails, but it sure does look like the paint finish I've done in the past. Too clever!

    I wonder what the postman thinks of the name your DD chose? LOL! I think every family has their little "oddities" that makes them so great to have.

  10. Love the nail polish. Will definitely watch the video later.

  11. Oh my, the nails rock! I was totally thinking Elvira even before you said it. :) I love stamps like that, that fill in the background and leave you just a bit to color in. Great tutorial. Fun to watch you color. :)

  12. You have such pretty nails. Mine are chewed little stumps. Bah. Humbug.

  13. Loving that nailpolish and My daughter would just love it. will have to look for it the next time I'm in the nailpolish aisle. Love your card from yesterday and thanks for the tutorial.

    Thanks for sharing.


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