Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Scrap booking day and I got nothing to share :(

Well I think its safe to put the plow away for the season, lol.
Hubby and I had to go to our camp/cottage this morning. He took the plow off of his truck and then moved the vehicles around. So when we went to leave this is what I saw when I opened the gate of our fence.
I laughed so hard. Doesn't it look like my jeep has this huge plow on it. LOL.  It even matches, teehee.
 This is why we had to go to our camp/cottage.
The tarp blew off the trailer. We keep a tarp on it because we noticed it leaked one year. It hasn't leaked since hubby and his dad put on the tarp.
It took awhile with just the two of us. But it wasn't so bad, a few curse words and I had to walk away once or like I said not too bad, lol.
As I am the lighter of us two, I was the one that got to walk on the roof. There were boards laying on the roof so I didn't have to walk on the tin roof. Wouldn't need the tarp if I fell through, ;)
 Here is the view from the top of that roof. Oh spring how I love thee, well actually I love summer better.
The loons are back on the lake...and no I am not talking about Wayne and I. The birds, silly.
If you are wondering what that circle thing is, its our fire pit. We cover it up in the winter, so if we come out here during the snow, we can use it...if we can find it ;)
 Look some tulips. That's more than I can say for whats popping up here in my yard.
We got these at my nephew's wedding. They were giving the bulbs away instead of candy, so every time you looked at the flower you would think of them. Isn't that so sweet.
 Yup we still have a bit of snow up at camp. Mind you these patches were when Wayne plowed.
I saw a few robins and their nest. They make it under the boat every year :)
I also saw a couple rabbits. They still had their white paws and the tips of their ears were white as well.
Wonder when the fox will come....where there are rabbits, soon come the fox's.
 On the way home we saw a moose. We didn't stop so I took it in motion.
The reason this poor guy looks so rough is because they are loosing their winter it fur or hair?
I know today is National Scrap booking Day and I am suppose to show you all my wonderful creations. But the truth is I wasn't home most of the day.
I did get to work on (and finish) a project I was so excited to try my hand at.
It is so adorable. I just love how it turned out. is for a blog friend of mine and I don't want to share it until she gets it.
The hard part is I have a few more projects I want to get done for her, so it will be quite awhile before I can share it.

Heather started working today. She is greasing the trucks again this year for hubby's company. She also does odds and ends that need to be taken care of . So nice to have her working again :)

Hope you National Scrap booking Day was a fun one, and you got lots of creating accomplished :)



  1. Tracy,
    Wow your camp looks so peaceful, I would love it there. I had to laugh at your jeep, it does look like the plow belongs to it. Kind of like destruction Derby.
    Hope you have a great mother day
    Hugs Stacy

  2. Well, i got the ONE card you saw done, lol! It must be so relaxing and lovely out there in the summer! Our weather is not much bettr here; patches of snow, a high of 15....
    Glad to hear that I am not the only hoarder ;0p

  3. O WOW I sure did ENJOY that... BEAUTIFUL!!! WE just had a metal roof put on and Guess what we had a great BIg Hail storm and it beat it half to death.. LOLOL have nothad a hail storm like that IN YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS..
    Well your PLACE is beautiful!

  4. You had me laughing like crazy when you said a few curse words and you had to walk away once or twice. OH how I can Your camp is beautiful. I want to visit and sleep in the trailer. I know how relaxing it is to get away from the city life, and just "be." Hang in there, summer's coming :).

  5. Your camp is so beautiful! I felt the stress melt away just by looking at the pictures.

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos. Soon you'll be enjoying your getaway in warmer, greener weather.

  7. Oh that's a great idea on the bulbs!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

  8. Looks like you're getting ready for the warm weather!!! At least you had a productive day, right?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Your photos are great...I was just showing hubby exactly where Thunder Bay was on the map. He didn't realize it was that far north and west! Holy crap - it's just above Minnesota! YUP. Way up and out

  10. Love that picture of the Jeep, I really did think the plow was hooked up to it! Too funny!! Your pictures of the camp/cottage are beautiful, I can see why you love to spend so much time up there in the summer. How wonderful to have a place like that to go to! I hope you had a GREAT Mother's Day today :) :)

  11. Happy Mother's Day to you. Hope you are have a wonderful day with your girls.
    No projects for me for NSD, as I have been minding the grandkids. They are a handful, when you are not used to having little ones around all the time.
    But it has been great to spend some quality time with them.
    I head back to work tomorrow.

  12. what a lovely place. I know now why you love it so much. On the water. Summer must be so pretty there. Very relaxing.
    Congrats to heather for working. Work is always good.;)
    Had to giggle at the curse words and walking away. every married woman does it as some point. LOL
    Hope your Mothers day was special.

  13. What a nice place to escape to.


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