Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to create all weekend long :)

Well we are off to Sharon's camp, I am so excited.
Ashley has to work, but is getting off a couple hours early and will meet us up there. She doesn't want to drive alone, so Kristy is going to go with her.
I think it is a 45 minute drive, not like the 2 hour drive to our camp/cottage.
Only in Ontario do you find people who are surrounded by country, to drive hours to their camps/cottages, lol.
This is the view from their living room window. This was taken from their front deck last year. Our beautiful Lake Superior.
I won't have Internet access at her camp so I won't be around blog land for awhile.
How will I survive...Guess I will have to make another card or two, to pull me through, teehee.
I will however back post.
Because my blog is also my online journal I like to document my everyday. And because I am anal, I feel like I can't miss a day. So I back post ;)

Hubby is home alone this weekend. He is going to bulldoze at work. Ya he thinks that's fun, lol.
I envy him though. I can only dream of having a weekend with the house to myself. I would feel like I was 16 again living on my own. Well except with better food, cable and Internet, lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


P.S. I have been replying to some of your comments through emial. I am just wondering if you are getting them. If I see a message from you that I would like to comment back to personally, I hit my reply key in my emial.
Just wondering if you are getting them :)


  1. I hope you have a GREAT time!!

  2. You have an awesome weekend for both of us Tracy! I'm jealous of your little get away :0) Hugs!!!!

  3. I hope you are enjoying you weekend
    Northern Ontario is so beautiful, yet rugged. when Curtis and I cruised to Alaska 2 summers ago it reminded me so much of Nothern ONt.
    Here In Montana they would drive 2 hours to get to a cottage. Heck, I drive 1-1/2 hours to have a LSS,
    and no, I am not caught up on my scrapping. I just pick and choose what I want to scrapHave a wonderful, relaxing, creative girly weekend-they are the best!

  4. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  5. Tracy I hope you enjoying you weekend!!!!
    Hugs and kisses from Brazil

  6. Sounds like fun!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. What a gorgeous view! Out of all the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is the only one I haven't seen. Told hubby that this year is the year! Have fun at camp!

  8. will miss you*sniff* hee hee
    Oh what the heck g.f? That is a LOT of stuff. Geesh I didn't pack that much for a week at Kris's out of state. 1 tiny suitcase, 1 carry on. No purse. I bet you will have fun and when I went to class at Michael's I took 4 things so shouldn't talk I guess. LOL Crafty stuff ya need more then underware. LOL
    Can't wait to see cards.

    have you added pics to your mini yet?
    Have a good one.

  9. What a beautiful view! I'm sure you're being so productive and having such a great time!!! Can't wait for you to get back though. Haha!

  10. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see what all U MAKE!!

  11. Sounds like a blast, girl! Enjoy!!

  12. Enjoy. Hope you had a great weekend!


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