Saturday, May 28, 2011

One smart Stinker

Are you getting tired of the sneak peeks?
It seems like I have been working on this project forever. And the thing is, I keep adding to it. I have to just finish it up and pack it up. That way I won't keep tweaking it. :)
 My plan was to work on the cover all day today.
Well I sparkled one part of it the other day. When I pulled the piece out, it was so sparkly, that it triggered a migraine. So I painted over the sparkles, lol.
When I get a migraine not only do I get a headache I also lose some of my sight.
So I couldn't work on it all day, as I couldn't see properly.

Here is the view from my backyard tonight.
Funny thing is the sky is a dark storm-like grey/blue and the trees are a bright green.
Wish my photo would have turned out better as it was so beautiful.
If you are wondering about my unwelcome guest living under my work shop.
Last night hubby put out the live trap. I can't believe this, it took the goodies but didn't get trapped.
Hubby thinks that the skunk (if that is what it is) was to big and so the door didn't close and Stinker just backed out of it.
If you follow my blog you know how Hubby loves to shop. So he went to Canadian Tire and purchased a bigger live trap.
Hubby doesn't know the word Defeat. lol.

Hope you had a creative Saturday.



  1. I am so sorry the sparkle gave you a headache. That makes me sad.
    The project is stunning and in nooooo waaaayyy am I bored seeing it;)

  2. Feel better soon! but it's a good excuse to rest :) LOVE that swirl and flowers and butterfly!!

  3. i cant wait to see the end result of your project so far im lovin it. sound like their will be a fight if he dont catch whats under their. hope he wins and not the good luck. i love seeing your trees as we dont have big trees in the desert but we sure do have sand, winds and sunsets.thanks green is good

  4. love the sneek peek! can't wait to see the finished product! good luck on your little stinker!

  5. LOL! That sounds exactly like something my hubby would do. Your backyard is beautiful! Love the pic! And love your project! Very pretty.:-) Hope your migraine gets better. Now THOSE are stinkers!

  6. Oh no, my envelopes are kinda sparkley. I'll wrap them in black paper for you LOL. I hope your migraine gets better. I have a friend who gets them all the time and it's awful. I've only had about 3 in my entire life time and that's about all I need to have. I get the gist.

    Good luck with the bigger trap!

  7. Ha-ha-ha! I love getting all the updates on Pepe Le Pyou's doin's. OMG, been through somethin' similar with a bunch of little stinkers. Good luck to your hubby!

  8. Too bad about the sparkles, I know what those migraines are like and I too lose partial sight, on the left side of vision actually. They are killer to deal with. This project is still looking fantastic! Hope you guys get that little Stinker :0) Hugs!!!!

  9. No, not have to paint over sparkles! Hope that the migraine is gone; I get them as well, every month. :0( I don't lose my sight though, just get nauseous and cranky. :0(. May hubby's new trap have success!

  10. Can't wait to see your project Tracy, the papers look gorgeous.
    Migraines are terrible, me and my daughter suffer them, hope your feeling better now.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. That butterfly on the sneak is so pretty! Did you make that? I'm not tired of the sneaks, yet. Only if you don't show us the end product...eventually! :) Those trees in your backyard are beautiful and so tall! I hope the bigger trap catches your critter... Maybe you should set up a video camera? Ha!

  12. Funny! Can't wait to see the end result!

  13. Can't wait to see it! That is one smart critter. Hopefully it will be caught soon.

  14. Beautiful cover. Can't wait to see the rest. Some products really do have an effect. I can't stand the smell of luster paper from my Epson printer. It really affects me. Good luck on your critter hunt!


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