Friday, May 6, 2011

A pretty spring card to end my not so pretty day.

Well something good came out of my day. I made this card tonight.
Sharon came over for Scrap booking Night. I didn't have any pictures printed for my Project 365, so I decided to make this card.
Funny thing is I was planning on making a 5x5 easel card, cut out the card stock for the base and was ready to go. I wanted to use this image that I had coloured earlier last month. So I cut the image out with this die on my Cuttle bug. Then came to find out that it was to big for my 5x5 easel card, lol. So I made this 6x6 card :)
 Here is the dimension shot.
I punched out these flowers with a corner punch, as I wanted tiny flowers. Then I shaped them and added tiny rhinestones to the centers.
 The inside...ya not to exciting.
Onto My Day:
Heather wanted to go to the mall this afternoon. So we did that and I ran into Michael's. I was looking for some paper that looked like it was crackled. Didn't find any, I did grab some pretty paper that I thought might work. Wasn't until I got to the jeep that I found out it was $3.95 a sheet and it was only a 8 1/2 x 11 size sheet. Well that's getting returned. Funny thing is the paper I used was from the inside of a bill envelope.

Then we had to bring Rose (our cat) to the vet. She has been loosing fur on her hind quarter for a few months now. They think it may be an allergic reaction to a flea or mite bite. Funny thing is she is an indoor cat and we don't have any other pets. The girls did take her outside last fall, but they only put her on the ground once!
Well she has also been getting sick about once or twice a week. Come to find out that she has an abscess tooth that needs to be removed. So she is on antibiotics until then. Vet says she is healthy and does not look like a 15 yr old cat.  Heather says I guess it runs in the family ;)

Kristy had to go to the dentist for a cleaning and a check up. Well she has had a couple teeny tiny cavities for a couple years that they have been keeping an eye on. They want to take care of them now.

As I was sitting in the waiting room, I get a call on my cell phone (no one calls me on my cell phone). It is my cardiologist's receptionist. She said my Doctor wants to see me about my stress test.
He told me he would only phone if there was a problem.....yes, I am scared. Thankfully I only have to wait until Tuesday until I see him. I have an over active imagination as it is.

Tomorrow we are off to our camp/cottage as the tarp blew off the trailer. We have a 26.5 ft trailer that we call the guest camp. We used to stay in there when Hubby's parents owned the camp/cottage. I loved it because the girls were young then, so I didn't have to worry about them disturbing anyone if they woke up in the middle of the night.
It doesn't have any water works, but it does have heat and air conditioning. It is perfect for any visitors we have. They are lucky enough to have their own space....and don't have to be kept awake by Hubby's snoring.
I don't really want to go as I have a few projects I am excited to work on.

Hope you all had a creative Friday.
Are you as happy as I am that the weekend is here?



  1. Oh Tracy, I hope that the news is not as bad as you think!
    Glad that your kitty is on the mend!
    Your border around your card is sooo pretty!

  2. You will be fine I am sure. Just a adjustment on your meds. Don't worry petite you are active so I am sure you will be okay. at least you can create:( I can't. tried. 2 thumbs out and all fingers are no help at all.
    I had a crappy day. Nothing went right, the worst is the water is out. NONE! UGH.
    Love your card. It is sweet. Should sent it to your little sister. Perfect for her.

  3. TRACY TRACY TRACY TRACY.. My gosh Our paths are crossing like crazy.. my 20 year old ca is having trobles with her inside leg she leeps pulling the fur off. I just went and did my heart tests YESTERDAy I got to go back Thrusday for results.. MY Mouth n top is all wires and I got to ge them on bottom My JAW is out of line and I <M falling apart and to top that We got KATADIDS all over the place and I M READY TO RUN!!!They are so LOUD it deafining BUT O MY U made me LAFF at your Post at STACY.. HEHEHEHEHE ONE THING FOR SURE YOUR CARD TURNED OUT BEAUTIFUL!!!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS

  4. Cute card! Stressful day! OMG! But I'm sure all of it will sort itself out in the end and you'll be just fine. :)

  5. what a wonderful card. so many details. greaet job!

    hope your cat is on the mend!

    i will say a prayer that everything turns out wll at the doctor!!

  6. Tracy,
    I hope all goes well with your doctor and you will be in my prayers.

  7. It may just be that they want you to change your diet or something. I've had some scares like that with docs and luckily they weren't very scary in the end. I'll keep you in my thoughts Tracy. Stay positive and enjoy your weekend. :) Good to know the kitty troubles were easy to fix! Your card is AMAZING!!! Been there, done that, with the whole measuring thing. LOL! I think the inside is fab. I never remember to do the inside and then I see your cards and I want to kick myself 'cause yours always have such lovely inside details. :)

  8. Hi Tracy! YES, I'm VERY happy the weekend is here!.. And so far, according the weather forecast, it sounds like Mother's Day is looking like a nice one! I got my Mother's Day gift a little early, in the mail, and it was a Big Shot!!! I have been fussy cutting EVERYTHING by hand, so I am BEYOND excited.. absolutely over the moon about this!!.. LOVE the card you made! It's adorable, and I LOVE the colors and punches you've used.. so pretty!.... Now as for the doctor's on Tuesday? Just keep your chin up, and ENJOY THIS WEEKEND! IT'S ALL YOURS, so don't let any worries rob you of it!!.. (I'll say a prayer from here.) Happy Mother's Day! ((hugs)) ~tina

  9. Very happy about the weekend! I'm sorry about your cat's tooth - that happened with my dad's dog too. Hoping everything goes well on Tuesday and that it turns out to be nothing. Happy almost mother's day!!!!

  10. I'm sending out positive thoughts for you! :) You will be just fine! :) Beautiful card, love the image on it! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. Your card is very pretty....and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as far as your ticker goes. I have faith that it is likely a change in medication or something you need, and nothing to be overly concerned about. Hang in there, girl! I do know what it's like to stress about it until you know what's going on.

  12. Sending up prayers and positive thoughts that everything will be okay on Tuesday. Keep us updated.

    Love your card! Very nice!

  13. WHY do they do that to people. Ugh I want to slap that doctor, and his receptionist, and the horses they rode in on. They are finally changing things here, and will tell you a lot more on the phone. And for mammograms they read the films while you are still in the office. You will so be in my prayers. Ya know CC, all the cool people live in Washington State! Pea and the Canadian Wynn who I haven't see around here, and of course me. WA is a great state. Wonderful apples.

    Look at you with the MS punches and the Copics. A beautiful combination. I love how you framed this card, inside and out.


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