Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sneak Peek at a mini and a pepper licker

I thought that I would show you a sneak peek at a project I have been working on.
I really don't like sneak peeks as I like to see the whole project :) But you get what you get :)
The photo is a tad muted.
 I made the tiny pink flowers, but the large green flower I received in some blog candy from Marie Clair.
 I added some sparkle on the bodies of these butterflies.
I was hoping to work on this some more today, but I just seemed to drag my arse all day.
I tidied up the house a bit. I caught up on some book work.
I really wanted to go for a nap, but I forced myself not to. But I am going to bed really early tonight, lol.

I just need to vent here for a minute.
Kristy, Wayne and I ran to the grocery store after supper.
What is wrong with parents today. Parents and adults in general.
There was a boy playing with the peppers, every single one of them. Then he started huffing on them. I saw the parents and other adults just looking at him. Hello is anyone going to say anything?
Then....prepare yourself...he started licking the peppers. The kid was licking the peppers!!! Seriously?!?
So I go up to the kid and tell him that is disgusting and to stop it. Which he did.
I wonder if he would have ran his tongue the length veggie isle, if I didn't stop him.
No one else said anything.
Now the moral of the story...wash your fruit and veggies before you eat them. Just think of a snotty nosed little kid licking your veggies, lol.

Hope you had a creative is Wednesday right Schell. Teehee.



  1. Those flowers are beautiful! and EWWWW on the peppers...

  2. its a good thing i wash all my produce before i eat them.. i was told by the produce manager at rcss that about 20 people a day have touched your produce.... just think 20 people with icky hands!!


  3. Oh Tracy, you're such a tease :) that sneak peak is beautiful! I can't wait to see more! As for the kid, it irritates me, as a parent who watches her children, to see other parents NOT watching their children. Oy! Thank you for saying something, he'll probably always remember the tiny lady who told him to stop licking the peppers! :)

  4. Ewwwww, I mean REALLY? I wonder at times what is going on in the heads of these parents!
    Those little roses are darling! They look so perfect, and you made them? Are they fussy to make? They add the perfect touch!

  5. I'm not feeling so good right now. That story about the peppers is about to put me over the edge. lol! So happy you said something to him.

    Love your project! You said you made the little pink flowers? They are gorgeous! Gotta check out your YouTube channel to look up a tutorial.

  6. Ha Ha Tracy! You made me almost fall out of my chair laughing, literally :0) Gross about the peppers, I would have said something too, YUCK! Great sneak peak, beautiful! Hugs my friend!!!!

  7. I hate that people keep surprising me.

    Love your layout - the colors are beautiful!

  8. Oh, Tracy
    That is so gross coming from a health care professional. I make sure I wash all my fruits and veggies. I am an disinfection general. Wash your hands. Wash you hands and wash your hands some more. I am glad you took the gumption and spoke up.
    Moving on---I love what you are doing with your mine album. I can hardly wait to see more.
    Today was my Friday and I am pooped and glad to be off until next Tuesday now. No big plans, just be at home.

  9. love your mini so far--the flowers are so pretty! love pink and green!

    oh wow that is so gross! i have to agree with you --what is wrong with parents these days! i think too many parents don't want to discipline their children--why i don't know? but i will always remember this story and wash my fruits and veggies even more now--yuck!

  10. First, I don't think you'll EVER see me making flowers like those cute little pink ones you made. I can't wait to see the rest!

    And the pepper lickin' thing is just disgusting & I always wash my fruit & veggies... but not because I would think a kid would be licking them!!! I just know that so many people have touched them & goodness knows where all those hands have been. Our daughter seems to be intrigued by putting her mouth on stuff & we're constantly trying to get it through to her that it's not necessary, it's gross & the dangers of doing it. BUT, she's never licked the produce...

  11. OK, ewww on the pepper thing. Totally makes me want to go and wash all my veggies again even though I've already washed them. Imagine what he's doing at home if no one is paying attention to him... Pretty mini! I love the flowers and butterflies. Looks like a fun project in process. Can't wait to see more.

  12. Beautiful page! I can't wait to see the final product. That story is just awful and disgusting. Good for you for saying something. I would have too.

  13. Love your project, Tracy - can't wait to see the finished product! Wow, glad you spoke up about the disgusting child -- gross!

  14. love the project in progress. as for the lil boy that is to funny dont think he will be doing that again, should have handed him a chili pepper to top of that for the parents i cant believe how you can let kids out of your site. but thats just me i have mine attached to the hip 24/7 it seems.

  15. That is gross. Good for you for saying something. I would have done the same thing. That's just another reason to the list as to why one should wash their vegatables.

  16. Your project looks gorgeous....and EWWWWW on the brat!!! Good for you for speaking your mind. What is wrong with parents, indeed?

    Tonight, hubby and I went out to a Hibachi house for dinner. A couple brought in their entire family. (Who the hell takes a toddler to Hibachi?) The toddler was obnoxious and loud, and was constantly getting down off his booster seat and running around the place (a place where chefs use sharp knives and throw their utensils around, albeit expertly) and the parents pretended this kid wasn't theirs. UGH!

  17. I can't wait to see the whole mini!

    My husband is neurotic about washing fruits and veggies so we are good in that department. My son touches everything so I'm always watching and waiting. I notice lots of parents don't really care what their kids are doing. I used to work in a pet store and I had mothers come in and pretty much dump their kids in the store like it was a playgroud.

  18. I love the peek at the mini!! Can't wait to see it! I am horrified by your a teacher it does not shock me but it is so disappointing and I have such a hard time not being the teacher when I'm in Walmart with kids who are misbehaving! Good for you to speak up!

  19. LOVE IT!!! OMG show how to make the pretty flowers as if you don't have enough to do! LM@O. When ya have time. It is going to be the prettiest mini album. I love the little touches already.

    EWWWWWWWWWW on the little one who needs to be parented. Thank YOU for saying something. I would have too. I would have also asked the parents if they want to take home my spit. YUCK! Kids dont have manners anymore.
    Yes,wash everything. Always have. Even more so after the turn of events. I go overboard but hey ya have to with people like this.
    Did hubby pee in that spot yet? LOL


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